Through the narrow paths and lousy traffic, I raced my way to work. Amidst all that chaos and people giving wrong path indicators, music is my saving grace. The ride to work is always an adventure; rude people, potholes, broken roads, heavy traffic, people coming at you, taking the wrong side, man! It is one hell of a ride.

That’s when my mind gets to work. There are days when I take a pen and paper, sit down to write and absolutely nothing comes up. Nada. But when I’m on my bike, there’s an overflow of deep nonsensical thoughts. Alas! Mind doesn’t have a clipboard to paste ideas and my memory is abysmal. If you ever want to ask me about important dates, don’t.

Back to the subject, I was halfway there and an idea for a blog post struck me in this traffic hell hole. Good job, brain. It was so good, the subconscious kept adding more to the subject and by the time I regained my senses, I was at the parking lot.

“It’s a good day after all.”

I rushed to my desk, searched for a pen, then for paper, then for my desk and then for what I was supposed to write.

It’s gone.

You win, brain.

“First you almost try to kill me when I’m driving then you lose the idea. Ugh!”

But seriously, don’t ask me if I remember things.

22 thoughts on “My worst enemy.

  1. Well do you remember things!? Squeeze your right fist tight for 90 seconds 1-3 times a day. That stimulates the memory area in the Hippocampus! Do likewise with the left fist which will stimulate the recall area.

    But this doesn’t work if you can’t even remember what I just wrote!

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  2. This happens to me all the time. I was driving (simulation, not real) and I was singing to myself and TBH, I sang a really really good poem. When I was done driving and went to write it, I forgot it.

    It was so good tho Dx
    And since you forget everything…
    Who’s one of my fave singers? =)

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