“What can you do?” I asked

“What I want to.” She said

“What are those that you can’t?” I repeated

“What you have to.” She replied.

17 thoughts on “Her๐Ÿ›

  1. And now I have a political question. India was formerly colonized by Britain. How comes that Indians are hardly ever mad on English, or hate Europeans, or throw bombs at them, or make any terror? I’m sure if all refugees coming to Europe were Indian, we’d get along fine.

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    1. India was a colony, yes.
      We adapt quite easily when change is needed. And what good does holding grudge do? Politics change with time. What does a European commoner have to do with Indians!? Whatever happened was because of a political conquest. They came here in the name of trade and seized control. When they left us in shambles, we had no option but rebuild the country from scratch.
      There was no time to think about taking revenge, we had to take care of our society, economy and education first. People come first, everything else is negligible. Throwing bombs may kill people but can never be a practical solution. I hope the situation of being a refugee doesn’t arise, we can be colleagues instead.
      Hate never solved problems.
      Bombs never gave solutions.
      Coming to language, English wasn’t the reason we were colonized, so why hate it? Besides, it’s all over the world and unifies people.
      I wouldn’t have met an amazing person like you if I hadn’t learnt English in school.
      We’re peace loving poeple. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. You are my heavenly snake. Every word you write keeps crawling through my mind. Thanks for being full of poetic ideas. And special thanks to your English teachers, who have taught you even thinking in English if that’s needed, and opened your sense to good literature.

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