Me when I see my name in Nour’s award post:

Lemme thank her highness for nominating me when nobody gave two shits. Means a lot, girl.

With award nominations come tricky questions and when it’s Nour that’s asking, you better brace yourself.

Here we go!!

Her questions:

1-deepest lyrics you’ve heard?

In every loss, in every lie

In every truth that you’d deny

And each regret and each goodbye

Was a mistake too great to hide

And your voice was all I heard

That I get what I deserve

2-Embarrassing thing you did/asked in school?

I never asked any embarrassing questions since I was already embarrassed to be in a class like that.

3-Fave meme?

It’s hard to choose but Grumpy cat grumps them all!

4-Have you ever looked at a bird’s thighs and thought they look like pants?

Wait! What did I just read??? Haha! Nope. I wanted to see a mohawk on a parrot though.

5-Things you’re confused about?

What I’m not confused about.

6-Would you go to Mars and just live there?

When shall I pack my bags?

7-Fave cartoon?

Many! Centurions, Space Ghost, Swat Kats, Tom and Jerry, Courage the cowardly Dog, Johny Quest, Dexter’s Laboratory, Scooby Doo, Batman and Superman Animated Series, Spiderman the Animated Series.. why can’t I just stop? *Sob*

8-Fave song?

I got a very long list, girl.

“New divide” and “Catalyst” top my list.

9-An interesting fact?

Any fact that has interesting before it sounds interesting but actually isn’t.

10-Weird likings of yours? (Like mayo and chips for example)

Hot showers in hot Summers.

11-Tell me sumn I don’t know.

Do you know that I don’t know a lot of things?



62 thoughts on “My sunshine!

  1. Your thanks will be humbly accepted.
    1- What’s that song?
    2-Well I once asked my physics teacher whether you change directin when in circular motion.
    3- She passed away =(
    5-I think you’re confused about what exactly you’re confused about 😂
    6-Gbye. I don’t even consider it tbh.
    7-ik only have watched four of em soooo
    9- what 😂
    11- Yes. Therefore, you’re disqualified. Chop his head!
    Idk that was a movie line. Anyways, عفوا

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1. New Divide
      2. What what???😂
      3. Yeah I know 😦
      5. That’s what I said.😂
      6. Meh
      7. You watched 4 of them? It’s hard to come across people who watched at least two of them.
      9. Interesting, right?
      11. Disqualified?? Unfair!


  2. That song hahahhahahaa Lol I literally laughed aloud

    Any fact that has interesting before it sounds interesting but actually isn’t.
    wait lemme read it again ! weirdo ! Hur!
    Scooby Doo ❤ I love you for this birooo
    Btw congrats

    Liked by 1 person

          1. As far as I have heard meditation calms your mind, gives a direction, free you from all depression, anxiety and all that… So, in short you become perfect…. Isn’t it?? Because if you are calm and composed then what evil you will have as a person?? So, if you become that good, there will not be any place for confusion….So, consider a Himalayan yogi whose main purpose is meditation.. so they are perfect. Right????


            1. It calms the mind and that’s about it. The rest is up to you. I don’t think even Yogis are perfect, we’re humans, inherently, inevitably flawed.
              Whatever you become is by practice.


            2. Ohh let me tell you in advance…..I WILL BE A PERFECT HUMAN NOBODY CAN HANDLE…..It sucks and I am done…👼👼 My colgate smile is more than real..And real is 👍


            3. People always say meditate and meditate… If you are angry, meditate.. if sad then also meditate, if you feel lost ,meditate… Everywhere meditate.. why? It’s the sole solution.. does meditation solves all.. you won’t get angry or sad or doubts after it


            4. Again practise comeZ by meditation.. how can you practice if nothing is right or you are angry… Pretend life that you are fine with a colgate coakroach smile


      1. Yup. New divide, just listened to it. Currently listening to iridescent.
        Also, this kind of became awkward. 🙂
        Will continue this comment thread once you watch it(if you will)

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