17 thoughts on “Life.

  1. Sorry if I sound preachy, but your words so resonated! As a fam we went thru some days that broke our illusions. Then we got a blind son who is still teaching us to laugh and kick start each day. I don’t get him much:) I don’t understand the light but I guess it has a pressure that blind ppl too feel. A pressure that we are blind too cuz we depend on our iris. Why’m I going on.. just wish you every bit of fantasticity you deserve

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      1. No don’t be sorry but thanks for the reply. I just restarted blog life, not easy to vent and live s real life in all its shades of blackgreywhitereds oh sometimes the unexpected flush of dawn. Our sons been having an extreme year. Blindness has become a non issue, was doing brilliantly, the joy of our home. Last year seizures began. You don’t want the detail but it stopped. Now we’re coping with some traumatic side effects of meds. Am grateful for few moments between when he reverts to normal. When bites and violence become hugs and a gentle kiss. I have to hold on to the good to fight the bad. Hold onto to trust when aggression takes a chunk off our quiet home. Much as pain promotes itself, I’d rather die than not promote relief. So. This is it. An imperfect life but faint returns of peace. One holds onto these slivers. Little reminders that life needs fighters. I’m cracking up somedays, and somedays there’s a smile. Some one calls with a piece of sun in their words, or there’s a new flower in our balcony. A yelling thirsty mopheaded young raven that’s funny. I believe life never gives up on us irrespective of current emotion. Thankyou for your time.🙂

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        1. I can’t even imagine what it’s like but I wish with all of my heart that things fall into place sooner than you expect them to.
          Hats off to you for handling all of this and holding them together during tough times. That’s inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story and I look forward to our further interaction.
          And please, say hi to your son for me. 🙂


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