Ask yourself.

What good are dreams when they don’t feel alive?

What good is life when it’s devoid of dreams?

What good is the world when it doesn’t give what you need?

What good are you when you can’t find what you seek?

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  1. Aye, :)sometimes our questions answer our needy dreams. Sometimes we must push past what we want, sometimes we see with eyes shut wide. Sometimes if we are very fortunate, we gain thru loss. If I’d recd all the things I’d wished for in my 20s I’d never hv respected life the way I do today. Bharat your words are so honest, they are windows to a skyful of new dreams. Stay blest

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    1. Hahah! I’d love to hear what you have to say.
      I feel like there are interesting things with you.


      1. Oh I know not much. But I’ve seen me go from dependent to independent

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        1. I’m on my journey to that place.

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    1. Oh my! What happened to my sister??


      1. amanita says:

        Nothing special, o my dear brother😊I just thought about your poem and how right you are.

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  2. jim- says:

    To seek is forever futility. The answers are too simple so we shoot beyond the mark

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    1. Maybe you’re right.


      1. jim- says:

        Maybe? Maybe?

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        1. Ok I’ll give you what you want.
          You’re right, Jim. Like you always were.

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  3. These are some exceptional queries.
    I guess you are seeking an answer too.

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    1. Nah. I’m too lazy.

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      1. Dude ! Seriously 😂

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