Oh duck!

Life with you is like listening to ‘Despacito’; I don’t understand shit but I kinda like it. How many times have I tried singing along! If only I spent that time in improving myself or trying to understand you. Well I know both the attempts are futile but still worth a shot. Right??

I don’t understand why I keep asking you trivial stuff, maybe you’re glad because even you know deep inside that you do not have a legit reason or an answer for deep shit. Every time you argue with me, it feels like Daddy Yankee’s yelling right into my ears in Spanish. I wish I spoke that language. Our argument is like a separate universe, never ending, always surprising and impossible to comprehend.

But you know I love you, don’t you (not romantically)? Now I really wish you don’t because I know you don’t give a flying duck and it’s humiliating. Even though I admit that there are feelings down there somewhere, rotting in the corner, I refuse to express. Why do you treat me like a fly on your ice cream? You just swat me away. Is my buzz that annoying? Have I ever complained about what a mosquito you’ve been to my emotions? Yeah, I know, I’m glad you didn’t give me malaria.

The last time we met, I still remember choking on over spiced fried rice with burnt chicken. You gobbled it up like cheesecake. You expect me to remember the last goodbyes? Nah! The chicken was better. I thought blindness was when you couldn’t see anything but you redefined it when you could see nothing but yourself. You think I miss you? The world doesn’t revolve around you, babe.

Why am I writing this now? Because I don’t know. Neither do you. Let it be this way.

Let the hate be mutual.

(Why don’t you let the duck fly?)

41 thoughts on “Oh duck!

          1. Where do you know that from? It’s from a time when i was a kid (1983)๐Ÿ˜š It’s a childish party song, very much like “Wir sind so hart wie Marmelade” or “Hurra, hurra, die Schule brennt”๐Ÿ˜„

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