She shone bright

Like glow worm in a jar;

Destined to fade

When let out.

16 thoughts on “Incandescence.

  1. There’s a song I like by Susi Bogess called Cinderella and the hook line is “does the shoe, fit you now”. Hell, here’s the words
    “We believed in fairy tales that day
    I watched your father give you away
    Your aim was true when the pink bouquet
    Fell right into my hands
    We danced for hours and we drank champagne
    You screamed and laughed when I got up and sang
    And then you rode away in a white Mustang
    To your castle in the sand
    Through the years and the kids and the jobs
    And the dreams that lost their way
    Do you ever stop and wonder
    Do you ever just want to say
    Hey hey, Cinderella, what’s the story all about
    I got a funny feeling we missed a page or two somehow
    Ohh-ohhhh, Cinderella, maybe you could help us out
    Does the shoe fit you now?
    We’re older but no more the wise
    We’ve learned the art of compromise
    Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry
    And sometimes we just break down

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