We always consider the world to be one single entity. When are we going to realise that we build our own individual worlds? What if I say that every person has his own world? The world is small because we create it ourselves. It’s limited to people we meet, places we visit and things we do. We create our own worlds and change it through our actions and inaction. World is flexible; it can expand, it might contract, collide into others and change. We don’t know. We’ll never know.

We live on earth in our own worlds.

May our thoughts build a world worth living in.

23 thoughts on “Worlds.”

  1. It’s going to be silly what I’m about to say 🤭 I see every skill, every art, every experience as worlds. Like if I’m a portrait artist, knowing in and out of it is a world for me, art of writing is a world for me, likewise endless worlds. I don’t know to ride any vehicle and I’ve never felt the balance of a bicycle and that I’ve never been to that world.

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      1. It goes along with your post!

        It’s from the Aramaic phrase avra kehdabra, meaning “I will create as I speak”. The source is three Hebrew words, ab (father), ben (son), and ruach acadosch (holy spirit). It’s from the Chaldean abbada ke dabra, meaning “perish like the word”.

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  2. This! Beautiful. Awesome. May this happen! For me, a world worth living in would be one,

    Of peace, love, and joy,
    Of rationality and questioning everything,
    Of kindness and taking people seriously,
    Of honest and reasonable truth -seeking,
    Of comfort with not knowing or having a strong opinion,
    Of comfort with nuance instead of absolutism,

    Where people of every view, even those that might seem weird or crazy, religious or not, politically left or right, or of any philosophy, could get together and actually have a reasonable discussion with the intent of finding the truth or what is reasonable instead of throwing insults and tribalistic bullshit,

    Where people and their governments would be civil and respectful of human rights and actually try to be helpful instead of spying on people for no reason and persecuting whistleblowers who call them out,

    Where people, ranging from parents and spouses to cops and criminals and government officials to religious leaders and world leaders and everyone in between, would deal with disagreements and problems (if they have any) diplomatically and peacefully and constructively and with kindness and compassion and respect for their fellow humans and taking “the other side” seriously instead of yelling and screaming and shouting and harassment, threats, taking things away, refusing to do favors, hitting, beating, shaming, bringing up weird and sensitive issues constantly and at the worst times, ending relationships, locking people up not even known to be guilty, murder, invading innocent people’s privacy, watching someone take a shit uninvited, invading other countries without an excellent reason, and calling them unpatriotic and traitors,

    Where people who have had weird experiences and mental and medical problems are taken seriously and treated with kindness and compassion instead of being called crazy and insane and shamed and stigmatized,

    Where we are free to speculate and wonder about interesting questions even though we may well never know the answer, like when the first life on our planet was, where the first continents were, if some black holes are really exotic stars, if there are other universes, what happened before the Big Bang, what the nature of consciousness is or what happens after death, and where we can use science to expand our knowledge and be helpful in the world,

    Where every human can appreciate the beauty of life in all of it’s forms.


    1. Man! This comment would be a great blog post. I totally agree with your imagination but the sad part is that’ll stay that way. People aren’t willing to make peace; they’re just busy making a living out of theirs and other’s lives.
      I wish we could be better. I wish.

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