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We all have a strong desire to have a sense of belonging. Humans are social animals, we live in groups and a place here groups coexist is called a society. Belonging to a society is okay, being a part of community in a society is great too; identifying ourselves as a part of a group of some ethnicity, belief or race is gratifying. Gives the existence a meaning to some extent.

When the dominant feature of a group is religion and when that religion becomes your identity, that’s where things go into a downward spiral. Spreading an idea is different from preaching an ideology. Ideas inspire change, ideologies lead to disasters, history has been teaching us that again and again though we refuse to learn. Why do we have to divide ourselves in the name of faith ? What we believe as a bridge that connects us to god has become a barrier between humans. A religion that does not inspire doubt, restricts free flow of thought and leads to violence is just another brick in the wall.

People back then needed religion to get closer to god, people need religion now to identify themselves and politicians use religion to divide and rule. We’ve always been pawns. We’ll always be until we keep fighting amongst ourselves ignoring the bigger picture.

Religion is a way of life not an identity.

The beauty of religion is bringing people together, the ugly side of it is pitting them against others.

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  1. Roy Lando says:

    My religion is KINDNESS and kindness will never divide us.

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    1. Not everyone thinks the same, Roy.

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      1. Roy Lando says:

        Yes,,, many people are ready to kill other people to defend their religion. It is really a pity.

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  2. Halbarbera says:

    Religion can be a crutch! But belief in God and spirituality is not necessarily so! Even uncle Al Einstein believed in a supreme being till the end. However, he believed that why he/she/it created everything, he/she/it really didn’t give a damn!


  3. Nour R. says:

    I don’t think religion itself created this ‘ugly side’. I think the people practising the religion according to what they think is right is what causes chaos and what else. Although religion is a big part of someone’s persona, it doesn’t define the person wholly as that person has thoughts of their own that might drive them into changing the actual idea into an illusionary one that matches their current mindset.


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