I’m done chasing the ghosts of our past,
I wish it were a reality,
But we both knew it wouldn’t last.

You broke my wings,
I hid my plight,
But I never hindered
Your will to fly;

There’s no way your words will lead me
Back into that path,
I set you free, then,
For if we’re meant to be, we shall meet again in time.
Only to never leave each others side.

In collaboration with Shivani.

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    1. Just my way of referencing. 🙂


      1. I am Rashmi…, Just for your reference 😅

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  1. I gotta save this

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    1. Hahah! Thank you, ma’am.

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  2. Great… I mean the ending was the way it should have been…


    1. The ending was Shivani’s idea. She’s awesome.

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  3. Isha says:


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  4. Roy Lando says:

    Beautiful thoughts in poetic words.

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  5. kyleoyier says:


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