Shower thoughts

We live in a complicated world. We’re taught the wrong subjects, we get the wrong answers and we learn the wrong lesson. society is an institution that creates an illusion of unity by dividing people. “It’s a free world” they say, yet govern you by laws, restrictions and sanctions. Have you looked outside your window? The world is wide open and borders are closed tight. A species that migrated and wandered to settle has now come to a great halt. The minds that knew no limits now limit themselves to their lives. What used to be survival is now called life and it’s a pity how we kill our selves one day at a time to feel alive.

This is an incomplete post. Would you mind adding your ideas to it?

42 thoughts on “Shower thoughts

  1. Deep kimchi indeed …

    And our reliance on computers, phones, and technology is not helping at all in my opinion. We can quickly access all the answers but do not know how to ask the Why, How, the What as we sit on our fat butts!

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  2. Wow, these deep thoughts come to you during shower? 😲 I agree with you na. We should be taught the subjects that would really help us practically deal with real life situations and not those stupid things that we will never need. 😼

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  3. Brother, you’ve eloquently put into words about all that keeps me awake at night. And all I would like to say here is – we humans are hypocrites in our own way and some of us are very good at it.

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  4. Our minds were made to be problem solvers, innovators, finders of alternate ways, better ways to do stuff.

    And here we are, turning an infinitely complex artwork of neurons into nothing more than a pattern matcher, validating entries, and finding the easiest way to make numbers grow, instead of growing things that should really matter.

    I loved your line of thought….🤔😊

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          1. It’s rewarding sometimes, especially when I encounter something particularly complex, gives me a chance to mock the dev-team! 😂Other than that, it’s kind of monotonous.😒

            What’s your work at the desk you sit at?


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