A soul truly lost loses itself in belief, in hope

Of finding itself again.

What’s lost isn’t recovered, what is found isn’t what is lost.

What do you choose? What do you know?

Where will this path lead you to?

Where do you go?

47 thoughts on “Faith.

  1. ‘What’s lost isn’t recovered, what is found isn’t what is lost.’

    poignant there, Bharat. Reminds me of how the Japanese put precious pottery together, sealed with gold. I forget the name of this artform. It creates a whole new piece, a treasure, out of the very broken places.

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      1. The better for it. Tougher, exposed to human pain, we are perhaps kinder, more expanded to live, forgive, love, stretch. It is an expensive experience. The hurt melts into gold. We will never be the same again, we know we are fragile, theres little room for any power over us, our cut has deepened an innate capacity designer to each. It breaks us into something beyond personal gain. Yet we get enhanced, a beautification no one wants really, but later you and I..we will treasure the experience. later, given a choice, we will not return to what we once regarded as treasure. The New self, will be the Free self. Free to be what we were meant to be. (Mama preaching?!😅i mean well. You will see) & that Jap. Link? This fascinates me : https://www.lifegate.com/people/lifestyle/kintsugi

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          1. Idk what I’m gonna write this time. Might as well just end up sharing the pictures that I click. From places I’ve been too. Kyuki zyada tr log baas landscapes daalte hai travel posts me. Idk.. that feels like they are missing out on so much.


  2. I have no answers to those questions brother. But I really am glad you post these stuff here, it makes me feel less alone.

    Besides, I think sometimes we’re so drunk in hope which can be our undoing. At the same time, life without hope is devoid of life itself.

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    1. Always here for you, sister, if only you let me. I’m not seeking any answer though; just dumping my thoughts here so they don’t bother me again.
      Hope is an illusion, a useful illusion.
      I’m glad you’re back, Y’know, feels good to see you.

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      1. I know brother! It’s easier for me to be open about deep stuff compared to mundane day to day life.

        Do you ever revisit these posts? Look back or ponder on them?

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  3. Neurology and neuroplasticity …
    Chinese traditional medicine …
    Acupressure Youtube videos …
    The mind IS the best doctor …
    Lifestyle the best medicine
    What you eat at the top
    For sure!

    Near 80 but look 60 or less!

    Not genes!
    Not Nature!

    Don’t just treat the symptoms!
    Look for A Cure!


    Faith and Nurture for sure!

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  4. I think when we were birthed we somehow broke into a million pieces and throughout your whole life you try to gather those pieces but you cannot get all of them since they’re all over and far too many. Perhaps that’s why in love you feel ‘completed’ as you got connected with someone else’s pieces that were similar to your own when you couldn’t find your own. Just a passing thought :3

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    1. I have a different version of brokenness.
      While growing up, we shatter pieces of ourself and start spilling them throughout our life. When we fall in love, some of their shatters fill out our empty spaces and we feel completed. Maybe. Just maybe.
      I like your thought Nour. 🙂


      1. Hmmm intriguing. Perhaps we do break them, only to mend them to create something new, something stronger. And, perhaps, love helps someone to mend those sharp pieces rather than fill them in as when that relationship fails, although that person will feel somewhat broken for a while, they will still carry on as they were the one that mended the pieces and not their loved one. Honestly, humans are just confusing xD
        Thanks, you give an interesting perspective on it too =)


            1. What? No! xD
              I’m reading a book that I bought by *myself*. It’s called ‘The Brain: The Story of You’. It’s pretty interesting and somewhat mindblowing :3


            2. Well I didn’t get the chance to read much, but this is what I read so far.
              I can manipulate your memories.
              For example, I can tell you that when you were six years old, you were in, God forbid, a fire. I’d tell you that a fireman named John saved you and drove you to um the fire department.
              Your first reaction would be that whatever I’m sepaking of never happened. But, as you go over my words numerous times, your mind will start conjuring up details in the story. That John had black hair and he was about 40 years old and that the fire department had blue walls. Of course, none of this has happened, but, in a way, I tricked your mind into thinking that this has happened and replace your actual memory (which was you visitied the fire department as a school trip) with the one that I gave you.

              Another thing is that our mind is just as active at the state of unconsciousness as it is in state of consciousness; it is merely less chaotic.

              Those were some tidbits I read, and it’s fairly interesting to observe how the mind works and how memories form. For example, Einstein had a ‘bulge’ in his brain because he was a violinist ( I think) and he used his fingers to play the instrument a lot.


            3. This is awesome!!! That memory part, it’s true. You can learn how to manipulate people using concepts this book eh??
              So the unconscious mind is just as conscious? Isn’t that ironic?


            4. Um I actually accidently did it on myself and it worked xD
              Mhm. Apparently the impulses or sumn like that in the neurons work in a rhythmic manner as they do not need to multi-task like in the waking state.
              Neurology is also able to explain childhood trauma and how it develops, yet the good thing is it can be overcome. Good book, honestly.


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