It’s about time.

Time decides. Time tells. Time comes. Time goes.

Time doesn’t wait. Time cant be bought. Time doesn’t come back. Time is continuous. Time doesn’t stop.

Had enough? I certainly have. Not time; the same statements over and over again. They ask you to wait for the right time. What is wrong time? The instant at which you do things is called timing. A certain point of time, is a second, a minute or a moment or an hour. Is that it? Seconds make minutes make hours make days. Isn’t that the norm? Aren’t these based on planetary movements? It’s a bit more complex than that, isn’t it? Every aspect in our life is governed using time constraints.

Time is a mere measurement of gradual and eventual changes in the state of a thing or phenomenon from one point to another.

Isn’t that how we actually comprehend time? Does your perception transcend the obvious and agreed definitions?

What is time to you?

34 thoughts on “It’s about time.


    Aging/Aging – For The Living Mortal And Organic…..
    Man – 60-100 Years
    Tortoise / Turtle – 400-500 Years

    Travel For Non-Living Immortal And Inorganic…..
    Plastic, etc., More Than 500 Years
    If We Won’t Make Them Decompose


  2. Time has no definition whatsoever. What passes as minute to me passes as a 5 minute duration to you, depending on our mood and what hormones have been released. It is related to the emotional aspect.
    Actually, time passes differently based on how far away you are from the ground. I’m guessing it has to do with the mechanism of clocks and how they interact with the gravitational field strength. ‘Biding your time’ is basically an alternative way of saying ‘Do this when you think straight’.

    Time is just a way of labelling things. A way to unite lives and notice ‘trends & patterns’ and what-else.
    Sorry for the rant xD

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          1. My memory can only hold so much xD I do remember reading that somewhere (in Europe maybe?) clocks and compasses don’t work so there’s no ‘time’ as we know it :3


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