I don’t know, we have been told;

What are you girl? An angel? A devil?

One time you’re planting roses,

Another you’re growing thorns;

One day I watch you dancing,

Another you walk alone.

It’s strange when you think though;

Thorns feel like heaven,

Hell spawns from the rose.

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  1. Nour R. says:

    Can’t it be both? Planting Roses with thorns? Dancing alone?


    1. It can be.
      I despise flowers and stay away from thorns, hence the separation. Dancing alone is good too. Do you dance alone?


      1. Nour R. says:

        Figuratively? Sure. Realistically? Nope.

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  2. I’ve stolen my rose wala imagery from your this post huh. 🤭 Plot twist kitne rehte aapke poems me bhi. I love these. 🤩

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    1. What’re you gonna do with it??
      Thank you so much. 🤩


      1. I already used it in my recent poem. 🙄 Focus on the roses my friend, and thorns won’t prick so bad anymore. 👊😹


        1. Pricking hurts usme not so bad wali Kya hai

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          1. Koi achha video game chal raha hai aur aapko koi aake thappad laga de, toh kam dard hoga na, in comparison to thappad lagna when you’re sitting idle. 😂
            Mann behel jata hai toh dard feel nai hota fir.

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            1. Ye Kya bakwas comparison kiya aapne 😂😂

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            2. Itna achha toh kiya. Kids ko injection lagaate toh unko shaktimaan aur ninja hatori kyon batate hain warna? 😒 They get distracted na. Aapko bhi laga dungi mere kachre nai karo Bhaiya. 😹😹


            3. Kuch bhi 🤣
              Lagado jaldi

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