I lived a pious life, I desired to sin;

I lived a sinful life, I craved for heaven;

I lost in every step I was told to win;

I won a few hearts and broke them, even;

My friend, This is what life has been.

A treacherous journey yet to end.

17 thoughts on “Life as I know it.

  1. Hii !
    Well, to start with ,I have been seeing most of your blogs since past three or four days. Albeit I didn’t get them all, or maybe I wasn’t patient enough.
    And at starting,when I came to your blog, I too thought that you are kinda dark guy👻. But as I surfed through most of them , I started finding a touch of reason. However, I haven’t liked or commented on any single post of yours, as I make sure that I like the post before I actually like the post and understand it to make any comments.(maybe I am new in blogistan ,that’s why😜) To be honest I didn’t like all of your post . But yes ,all of your posts gave me a different perspective to think upon ,which I really liked the most. And what I think about you, is that you are not a dark guy but more like a neutral one, who accepts what is there rather than expecting much. (Pardon me for being judgemental🙊)As u said..’I see light, I don’t seek light’.
    Man, there is hell a lot more I can go on about but I would like to give rest and do some good to your eyes, probably.😂
    Regarding this posf ,life is ironical,it always have been. The game is to accept this truth and live with it.
    To end with, it’s always interesting to read your blogs. Glad to be here.🌟💫✨

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    1. Hey Chetna. Let me get my jaw right because I just dropped it reading this comment.
      Attaboy! Now to the reply:

      Chetnaaa! This was awesome. The comment! your observations! I’m in awe of how fastidious you are! I am not dark, I’m not someone with a positive outlook either and you’re right; I just accept things as they are and move on (and away sometimes).
      How the hell do you still remember what I wrote? I Myself don’t. You made my day!
      And by the way, hi!

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      1. *smiling*
        Well, it was more about your honesty than my attentiveness. I don’t remember all what you wrote but this line wasn’t the one that a person can forget (atleast in my case).
        It is really nice to meet you!💫🌟✨😃

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