Except for those street dogs in the suburb, loneliness loomed on this usually busy road. A few bikes went past me as I drove slow, soaking in the sunlight. It could’ve been a good day; everyday can be a good day, if only you could do something about it.

On the left stood a bus, public transport, parked aside. Thanks to lockdown, the world seemed to be viciously quiet. I stopped my bike and got into the bus to find nobody inside. My bag flew aside while I made myself comfortable in the last seats. I had calls to make. Fuck that.

I wish I knew what I wanted.

“The bus ain’t going nowhere, kid. Get down.” Said a sturdy man in his forties dressed in khakis. Must be the driver.

“Neither am I.”

64 thoughts on “Where to?

            1. Yeah! Locked in the house, reunion plans failed, baki sb first class h! Put on a bit of weight, baki sb first class h! Had a breakup! Baki sb first class h! 😂

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            2. Yeah and maybe it’s good that they leave, so that if they were ours, they’d return or else they might go forever which means they were never ours🤷‍♀️

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