The skies are yellow

The moon is pink

I screamed out “hello”

The stars just winked

All their raised mouths

Could hardly raise my brows

I see this world

Through holes in the walls.

I run to places unknown,

Wandering into destinations, unseen;

These holes of my portals,

Warp into dimensions.

But the walls are bleed,

A gushing red,

There’s blood on my hands,

And a stench of death.

Can you hear me?

My voice echoes.

Can you see me?

I bellow!

I see lights blinking

As I’m slowly drowning

Into an abyss

And now I rest, in peace.

In collaboration with her majesty Shreya.

49 thoughts on “Warped dream.

  1. Reblogged this on Wild Scared Crazy and commented:
    I and Bharath wrote this poem in collaboration a few days ago. He’s a super talented writer who never fails to amaze me. Keeping up with his suave was a little tough, but I made it. Check it out and his other works too. He’s incredible!

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  2. Good morning Sir. Wonderful poetry as usual. When I read the Headline/ Topic as Warp I had an expectation that with your usual “Flip style”. you would surprise me with a Weft ! (The expression “warp and weft” (also “warp and woof” and “woof and warp”) is used metaphorically the way “fabric” is; e.g., “the warp and woof of a student’s life” equates to “the fabric of a student’s life”.). The ending this time was different. May be, the collab led to change in your style which surprises the reader in the end, My humble thoughts. Regards. Jay

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    1. Morning, sir. Haha, thank you. I love writing with different people because they give us new things to look forward to. This girl is amazing with her writing.
      I never thought I had a style but thanks for noticing. Always appreciate your presence here, sir.

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  3. I was so confused while reading the poem. I thought that this isn’t your writing-not saying it’s not well-written, it’s just different. Everything cleared up after seeing it was a collaboration. Then I was able to understand the poem xD Anyways, I thought this was a description of the mind- or the communication between the mind and the soul. Love it!

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      1. She is! Well, if you’re asking about my state of mind, then it’s okay. If youre wondering about my book, it is not fine 😂😂 I tend to lose focus so currently I finsihed another series and onto a new one (ignoring my other unfinished series). Then I got into reading physics-y stuff (and that completely threw me over and distracted me). In conclusion, let’s not mention that book for a while 😂😂


          1. Well, my books don’t really have anything. The internet, however, does. Apparently, black holes ‘evaporate’ energy, getting smaller and smaller until they disappear. I’ve spent some time on a concept called ‘Scalar waves’. I searched and read and all that. I sent what I got to my teacher. He, in turn, sent it to a friend of his and long story short, all the information was fake. That wasn’t very fun.

            I also found out that light echoes in space. Also, sound does travel in space but the frequency is too low for us to hear. Lastly, duck quacks do echo but they’re too low to hear.

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