By the campfire, I sit

Alone and sulking; I know

Nobody can hear me, I see

Through my eyes, tearing; I laugh

At myself for believing; I curse

The stars, the planets and you; I shiver

Clutching onto my knees; I hear

The cold winds talking to me; I am

Alone and longing; I will

Sing before I can stop


34 thoughts on “I…

  1. I find it hard to curse the planets when I learn about them. One of them has a star next to it, meaning it should’ve melted (as it’s made of ice) but the gravitational force is so strong it doesn’t ‘allow’ the ice to melt.

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            1. The galaxy has a second intergalactic liquor cabinet in the Sagittarius B2 Cloud (the bright, orange-red spot in the image above), which holds 10 billion billion billion liters of cosmic hooch.
              (Straight from google)


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