It is singing.

If I were sleeping on lush green grass under a giant tree on a hill with the wind running wild and the sun going easy on me, it would’ve been a bliss. I’d have loved this bird.

The sun is after my ass today; setting my insides on fire and I’m sticky with sweat from head to toe. My head hurts. My soul burns. I’m irritated. The world is on eternal hellfire.

It is singing.

The bird doesn’t give a flying fuck.

(Meanwhile, the bird: POUR SOME SUGAR ON MEEEEEE)

138 thoughts on “summer

      1. Somewhat, I guess. You’ve to let them out at least twice a day. The food isn’t that expensive, but you do have to feed them vegetables at least once a week. If you want to train them, you must buy treats or almonds (depending on the type of bird). The thing that takes the most work is cleaning out the cage. The newspaper the is put on the bottom of the cage must be replaced weekly or something like that. Sometimes they can be noisy so be prepared for that. I don’t take my birds to the vet often so there’s no need to worry too much about that. The hardest part of owning birds is probably mating them since they’re picky about who they want, which is why I’ve two male birds. We have two cages so when they fight we can separate them. But, I’ve to say, they’re easier to take care of than dogs or cats.


            1. Awww… The king felt neglected!! The Queen stumbled upon a little princess, and she’s been pretty lovestruck since then. 🤪🤪🤪 I hope he’s not jealous of a two month old baby! 😉😉

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            2. The queen has returned to her Queendom. She still misses the kid though. Especially since the King doesn’t let her become an aunt to his kids. 😭😭😭 Why is the King so mean?? Does he not trust the Queen with his kids? 💔💔💔

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  1. Bharath, you won’t believe this, this sleeping on the green grass under a tree…I saw it in the morning in my dreams..and guess what I woke up late🙈coz I was enjoying that sleep of mine. And my mumma got irritated, she switched off the fan😅
    and my head is hurting now.
    See…so similar 🤭
    and does this sugar means the same, what I am thinking?

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