Hawa aane do.

I packed my bags, tossed them out the door.

They’re yours now. Take ‘em and fuck off.

(Don’t expect things to rhyme every time)

141 thoughts on “Hawa aane do.”

  1. I am totally digging your voice in your blogs. Such a youthful view. Keep blogging man. I am seriously amazed by your talent for words. Keep blogging ✌

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  2. You use Achtung in every 3rd sentence. Additionally you make a comma behind every 2nd sentence and add the phrase “ist klar, ne?” (optionally also “oder so”, but with full stop instead of question mark😄)

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            1. Bass….Mera bhi ho jaega🙈😁

              I am coming…via air route..will land on your terrace ..
              Have lunch…
              Ice cream..😋
              One more ice cream 😅

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            2. Achaawaa…

              Butterscotch…naii..vo naii😕
              Kulfi jaruur le Lena🙈
              Aur Jo bhi naya ho dekh Lena…naii to Puch Lena hmse😁

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