Do you hear me?

I sat on that old rock and spoke to the moon; There were stories to tell, ballads to sing, he was there, quietly listening. The choppy fluvials leapt with the winds, singing chorus to the birds as they passed by, flying.

There’s a lot to complain about, tonight; My words are tired of their plight. It’s foolish to think my words will ever reach you, in this world devoid of magic. Do you look at the skies? Who do you see when you lose yourself in those stars?

I’m rendered speechless; my nights are now dreamless and soul, restless like a horse running wild. Would you look at the skies?

Just for tonight?

140 thoughts on “Do you hear me?

  1. Good morning Bharath ✨

    So, you too like being in starry nights… looking at moons and stars
    Well…who would not like.
    This is beautiful…after a long time I am seeing you with some light.
    And the last paragraph….dreamless…restless like a horse running wild…too good..!!


          1. Today I have an assignment to complete…have to watch a movie…that I guess I have been downloaded by now..!!
            Have to finish a book that I am reading…

            And right now …I am listening a song…that I have heard this morning…and it has completely seized my nerves..!!
            It’s an old Bollywood song..
            Whats on other side?

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  2. It’s beautiful! I often wonder if what they show in movies, that two people looking at the sky at the same time, thinking something similar, if that actually happens? Even if that doesn’t, I still love looking at the sky, especially the night sky, it feels soothing. The cool breeze, that light smell of wet soil, and the beautiful sky with the bright moon, thinking about this, feels so good.

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      1. That’s so true. Indeed it’s a therapy, and it’s like you can open your heart. Maybe she is staring at the sky too, remember that song “chaand sifarish jo krta humari, deta wo tumko bata…”


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