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  1. Woahhhh! 😭 Kitnaaa pyaara hai ye. Why didn’t you show this to me?
    Dark thoughts se rainbow jaise colourful words create hote aur white pages pe engrave hojate. Aur us rainbow me humari life ki instances hote. This is such a beautiful picture. 😫

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      1. Everything is absolutely alright.
        I was a little busy so could not visit your blogs. But now I am here.

        Thank you for asking. I thought people will forget me if I don’t turn up quite often.. haha! Just kidding.
        I always wait to read you.


            1. Yarr…!!
              I miss those summer vacations..when cousins use to come home..and we use to play…alotttttt..!!
              I am going nostalgic..πŸ₯Ί


            2. I don’t us it yarr…I have made my account on it recently, my friend forced me to..!!
              I’ll have to install it firstπŸ˜…


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