Come on in.

I’m thinking of the blues as flowers grow out of the bruise; the rusty old chair sings songs of you. Eyes have shrunk, tears have dried, wrinkles on my skin have stories that hide.

Life was bittersweet, people fell like teeth; I wash my hands with a few good deeds; you know, to live is to sin. Once I wasn’t old, my body was glitter and gold, dreamt with my eyes closed, you should’ve seen, the world had already been sold.

Took a path, took the next; there was love, there was sex. Then came tears, then came blood; pain and joy, hands crimson red. You were here, you were there, where were we? Everywhere.

Mirror says it isn’t me; what am I? What do I see?

Come on in, have some tea,

Pray for all the hopes I’d kill.

175 thoughts on “Come on in.

  1. “People fell like teeth” and replaced like them. Reminds me of the beauty industry.

    Soo I wanted to ask. Would you be interested in a collab? Not a poetry one tho :3 It’s okay if you’re busy btw!

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      1. I hear dentists and I’m OUT OF HERE
        Okay phew kewl 😂 I wanted to take a break from poetry so I thought it would be fun to change it up a little. I thought it would be interesting if we chose a bunch of questions that we answered on behalf of eachother. So, for example, I’d ask “What do you think is Nour’s favourite colour?” And you’d answer green. On my post I’d give you the correct answer (or answers, it depends on the question) and see how many answers of yours were correct. What do you think??


          1. Great :3 would you mind sending me your email?? I’ll gather a few questions to send and you do the same IG. This will be so hard oh my God 😂


  2. Oooo hello! Poochh lo kisi ko bhi jaake. This is not exaggerating, it’s understatement. I wish I could call the ‘future me’ to appreciate your work in better words. Wo mast karegi I know it. 😿

    Usme bole ho people fell like teeth! What a beautiful comparison. Mai wisdom tooth huu, itni aasani se nai jaungi. 🤣 Aur gayi toh bohot jyada dard deke jaungi huh.

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  3. Brother, I’m at a loss for words after reading yours. You simply blew my mind and I don’t know how you manage to create such dark yet masterpieces, every single time!


      1. No way I’m agreeing to that! You’re the distant star that I aspire to be like😉 I can never write such amazing dark stuff like you and even if I did write, I’ll never have the guts to share it online.

        Hats off to you, brother!

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  4. Every single line that you’ve penned down here ia golden. I’d frame it in my house if I could. 😭 Bhaiyaaaa, you never show me the masterpieces. Imageries dekho isme, simile dekho. Meri maut aagayi. 🙄 End me kya hua hai? You murdered her na? I felt like it. This is so dark. 😰 Your house is haunted. Mai nai aaungi chai peene kabhi. Pata chala meko bhi latka doge fan se fir. 😒

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            1. Kch b na nashta kia… Phr tmhn comment kia … Or wait kia…. Phr ma bahar chli gai…. Abhi ai


            2. Block kanna koi solution thori na hta…. Koi tameez tehzeeb b hti a… Dil kr ra a ab har lihaaz htm kr du


  5. Oh Bharath!
    This is so deplorable. I have read.. life is an echo what you send out it comes back. But, that doesn’t happen always….what you see in others(may be positivity) doesn’t exist in you. How much you give in you don’t get. How much you radiate and give love it doesn’t always come back. Some emotions are selectively numb and sometimes you can’t numb the darkness of yours in a light too. It’s just that sometimes you can’t find the moderate ground for this emotional distribution and then you find no reason to exist.
    (Lines from Took a path…… Everywhere, I am dumbstruck… unable to express myself verbally)

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    1. I appreciate you for your effort, it’s evident in your comment. Sometimes there’s no middle ground, it’s just the extremities playing with us. Don’t forget that there’s no light without darkness.
      Thank you. 🙂

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      1. YES!!! Like, I didn’t even know i felt like that until i read this, and now i am spiraling into a whole new phase of darkness.

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            1. i have decided to abandon this site of mine. my new site is @ethrealbeingxo. you can check that out if you want.

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          1. If you search “crystals and quills” in the reader section, then you should be able to see my posts right at the top. Also, I am new here, and have absolutely no idea how to send the link. Mind telling me how this works?

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            1. i have decided to abandon this site of mine. i have made a new site @ethrealbeingxo you can check that out if you want

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  6. Your words grapple my soul and take me through an endless tunnel of darkness. The heart-wrenching pain, the un-flowed tears, all the hidden fears, all come at me like a bullet train. All of them together hit me so hard while my soul gasps for one whiff of hope. But well, there’s none. There are hands moving haphazardly in search of one strain of silver lining. That too is null. Oh damn boy! How deep are your words! How brutally it cuts!

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    1. Of course there is a silver lining. The darkness is temporary just like light. They replace each other and that’s a cycle. We blatantly believe in all the positive things ignoring the darker aspects, paving ways to false hopes which drive us into depression and then we consume more positivity again. It’s a vicious cycle.
      Accept what is.

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