Blind fish.

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, so I heard.

I flung the fishing rod into the air, hoping to catch some. Every time I whipped, the hook came back with nothing. Is it the bait? I switch it and try my luck again but everything goes in vain.

I’m a poet, you see, It was the sky that became my sea; of what use are the eyes that see when you have a mind that’s blind?

102 thoughts on “Blind fish.”

            1. Bharath would you believe today Anushka and I were on a long call.
              We spoke for an hour approx.

              And we talked a lot about you. I was telling her how much I like your personality. Umm and you know what while talking I also told her I am very lazy, she agreed to same. And then we concluded that we are inspired by our king of laziness.

              Acha why am I telling you all is because I have written this long post and there were so many comments and I had to revert then back and I am so done reverting to long long comments that I need a day now.
              I was also telling her that I read Bharath’s post the first thing in the morning but I comment on it really late.

              You’re such an inspiration to all of us😂


            2. An hour? I admire your patience. She told me about the call, yes. I was surprised my name even popped up.
              I didn’t know I was inspiring laziness on WordPress. Haha! On the contrary, I’ve been writing consistently for a month now. I win! Woohoo!!! Score! Goal!
              But I accept the title you have given me because of the stature. Feel like a boss.
              Isn’t that amazing? That you have comments, the size of a post themselves? You earned them all.
              And I’m kinda proud of myself knowing you read my post first thing in the morning.

              I’m now an inspiration to myself too.
              (Warning: Overflowing overconfidence)


  1. Looooool ouuuuhhh I’m looking forward to that that’s weird init? LOL but yeah you are very welcome.. Now it’s time for procrastination to come to an end.. Till next time🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽💯😁

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  2. When the mind is blind you are mentally blind you don’t see having the ability to physically see is nothing when you are mentally blind. Like your mind is the place where you process and create things that are not yet to exist. If you are mentally blind I’m sorry but your world will be gray and dull.. Ouh I love this!! I could go deeper but I think I will leave it at that😅😉😁

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      1. Well here goes!!! (in luishi voice.. From Mario if you don’t know😅) the reason as to why a physically blind person isn’t depressed or saddened by their lost of physically vision is because of their vast mental vision they now can tap into. The unseen is much greater than the seen it’s mind blowing and we don’t see how important and valuable it is to treasure our minds. We can imagine and bring things into reality with our mental vision. Not wishing I was blind but there are times when I have to close my eyes to hear things better because what my physically eye can see is different from what my mentally eyes can perceive. There is power in the unseen.. Let me take it one step deeper: those that have their rooms cluttered and messy tels you how their minds are..what you feel upstairs shows in material.. When you mind is clear is just like the cloudless sky blocking the Ray of sun.. But the rays of the sun don’t fail to shine through those clouds.. So our minds with sheer determination and zeal our positivity will shine through the clutter of our minds.. I would never want to be mentally blind I’ve experience it soo many times and its horrible because my mind served me well as a youngster.. Its now my duty to ensure I don’t leave it to dry up and wither away.

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        1. Dude my heart dropped into my underpants when I saw mario because my next post is partly based on that game.
          There are times when we aren’t that lucid, like you explained here and we all experience it sometime.
          I adore your comment and admire you for taking time and making an effort.

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  3. Switching the bait and trying again, something we go on doing… And the line “what use are the eyes, when the mind is blind” speaks so much. Great one yet again!!

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  4. I cross my heart and I hope to die
    Because this life just ain’t worth living when it’s not mine
    But seriously I hate that phrase. “Plenty of fish in the sea” well not all of us are fishermen! God 😂

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