Oh! Those insects around the streetlight, ever so busy. The buzzing sound of bugs and annoying songs of crickets turned up the night orchestra. Sky seemed to be in peace, neither clouds nor stars. Moon hid behind me and there I was, staring at the streetlight.

There’s something that separates us from other species, it’s not anatomy; the freedom of choice. Freedom is the bane of existence.

I don’t give a flying fuck about anything else but when you observe, insects, animals, trees, fucking bacteria and viruses, you’ll know have shit to do. They got it all in a sequence; they serve a purpose. Survival. To them, survival is life; to us, we gotta survive before we can live which is a far fetched dream. But we decide how we do things. There’s always a choice.

But how free are you? Everything you can or cannot do depends on where you are, what you have and who you’re with. Freedom comes with conditions, my friends. We’re free to do, yes. But here’s the catch, We have to do. You can’t not do anything. You get my point??

We are ‘bound’ to freedom. Life is a fucking metaphor.

Okay tell me this: if you’re really free, can you fly to mars and start a new life there? Forget mars, how do you wipe your ass? What choices do you have? You’re limited by your choices and choices are limited by resources.

Those insects though. They must be really enjoying the light. Why’s that street light on by the way? I never saw it work before. Life is full of possibilities indeed.

You got this far? Wow. I appreciate your patience.

Now scoot.

67 thoughts on “…..

  1. I won’t scoot. I am addicted to your work!

    Wow Bharath the more I praise you, the less it would seem. You can write about anything literally. Look at the phrases you used. I mean everything makes sense.

    But yaa only you could have written this! It’s your kinda content!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Not at all. It’s your signature tone.

        It’s your style now.
        Let readers adjust, may be that’s how you get the know the real ones are gonna stay no matter if you ask them to scoot🤭


  2. Do yo know what?
    This is so good…I read it thrice…once last night…and twice this morning, to actually figure out what should I write in comment.

    And …see I am blank..!!
    This is incredible Bharath and what I like the most…is the statement where you say…
    “We are ‘bound’ to freedom. Life is a fucking metaphor”

    You are such an observant.

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  3. New things I learnt or things that I knew got confirmed by this post :

    “Freedom is the bane of existence.”

    “Everything you can or cannot do depends on where you are, what you have and who you’re with.”

    “Freedom comes with conditions.”

    “We are ‘bound’ to freedom.”

    “Life is a fucking metaphor.”

    “You’re limited by your choices and choices are limited by resources.”

    “Life is full of possibilities indeed.”

    Thank you for sharing this post!

    Liked by 3 people

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