Stop for a minute.

Oh I’ve had women, babe. Women who looked better and kissed great but all I could give them was a heartbreak.

There’s nothing that I didn’t try, wept until the eyes dried; to get over you, move and and live my life and here you are, like every fucking time. Where were you when I cried?

Something inside me doesn’t let you go, it’s like trying to light fire in snow. All I do is complain, can’t help but miss you now. Do you give a damn? Hell no.

Maybe it’s meant to be this way, you live your life and all I’ve got is pain. Can’t you stop for a minute, listen to what I say? At least for a second, can we be us again?

123 thoughts on “Stop for a minute.

            1. 1. What motivates you to keep writing?
              2. How has the lockdown affected you?
              3. A random fact about yourself?
              4. What’s your pet peeve?
              5. What’s writing to you?


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