Dream on.

My father had a dream, so did his.

When you stop dreaming, it’s life that you’ll see. I dare you to dream,

A dream with legitimacy.

Now ‘wake up’ makes more sense to me because our generation is as hopeless as it can be.

58 thoughts on “Dream on.

        1. Even though education is accessible, the courses that pay are expensive and not everyone has the means to get there.
          The more you pay for an education, the more it pays you and the standards have stopped down low.

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          1. You either have to be brilliant enough to get into government institutions or loaded enough otherwise. Higher education is expensive. But I don’t think all courses that pay off are very expensive. It’s just that there is a lack of awareness about certain courses. I feel so. But then again, I graduated from a government college where the fees wasn’t expensive. So I am speaking from my experience.
            But then again, there are other ways to earn a livelihood too. I know many of my friends who are professional bakers, artists, etc. They were not born into wealthy families but when their talent and hard work they have managed to turn the tables of fortune. Population has increased and the competition has increased.

            All I meant was that my parents had to go to libraries and wait even for months to get the books they needed. But we have Google, YouTube and what not.

            Some aspects of life have become easy. Others, not so much

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    1. Earlier generations actually had it relatively easier, Ramyani. Only the one which had to deal with recession had it hard but they still managed to survive because there wasn’t much competition like today. Dreams certainly do make us feel alive.
      Thank you. 🙂

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  1. The earlier generations had dreams, beacuse their needs were easily fulfilled, so they had the courage to dream of a life, but we have to fight for our basic needs as well, so indeed we have to wake up, and even if we see a dream, it’d be of a bold struggle for survival, and not like the beautiful ones our ancestors had… Harsh reality, well portrayed!

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