I’d put you in the trunk but I don’t have a car;

I’d dump you in the trash but I’m too lazy to get the bags.

Chopping sounds like chore;

Poison!? Takes too long, I’d get bored.

Hang yourself, write a note;

Or jump off a bridge, you won’t be found.

Death is certain, so am I;

I’ve work to do. You need a ride??

80 thoughts on “Psst…

  1. I tried strangling myself,
    But my hands are too frail.

    I jumped into a river,
    But somehow I was saved.

    I even had some poison,
    Found, I’m immune to that stuff.

    And hanging myself?
    I don’t know how to tie a knot.

    Why does death hate me so much?
    Or is it devil that fears me?

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