Stay with me.

Would you be my compatriot?

We shall sing, we shall dance, we shall talk; turn our faces in disquiet. There’s music, there are drinks, there are people we shall meet; there are sorrows, there is pain, tiny moments of joy taking our breath away.

I can wipe your tears, you can dry my eyes; we’ll close our eyes to darkness, open them to light.

Would you come ride with me on this long road to death? We shall live, we shall die, we shall rise again; never say goodbye.

(I’m on leave today. Yayyyy!!)

64 thoughts on “Stay with me.

            1. I am toh free!
              We are still enjoying our summer break.

              May be it reopens from 1st of July. And that too School won’t reopen under any case. Just the online lectures as we were doing it in April and May.

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  1. That’s so rude!! It seems like you are too jealous to see your girl, enjoying her life here… While you are in the paradise!!😅😅
    Loved it bro!! So beautifully penned!
    P. S: May your weekend rock!

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