Getting over someone. (Collab)

So my sister from WordPress Nabeela has some ideas for getting over a heartbreak. Yeah, that wretched thing that keeps fucking breaking itself over and over again over people and trivial shit.

Here’s her part:

When a person think about to finish the relationship with another person, It is Breakup…. If they both are married, then it is divorce. We humans crave for love in their entire life….

No one gets that proper love that you imagine in your dreams. In reality, love-life works with partnership and honesty…. It is not a one person game….

“If someone want to end the relationship with you, then you have to let them go….”

But hell, we watch a lot of movies and we end up on heartbreak…. It is not an easy stuff, since our mind and heart, both are functioning differently in this stage. How to deal with Breakup ??? Here are the steps :-

1. Cry it out….

The moment you hear your loved one saying “This won’t work, Lets breakup”, You will feel confused and couldn’t believe your eyes, what just happened. Don’t ever try to comfort yourself or try to hold your emotions. If you don’t want to show it to anyone, then go to your room and cry it out. Your heart will thank you later for it….

You are allowed to do what ever comforts you, but be cautious to not go to any serious extent that you may get ashamed in the future….

2. Delete that contact completely from your life….

The person chose to erase you from his/her life, so don’t be an idiot to contact the individual again….

“Show some respect to yourself….”

You are an awesome person and you don’t have to be judged by someone else. Well, during breakup, that person may have mentioned your weakness. So what ??? He/She is not going to decide your existence….

“Be your own hero….”

Everyone is unique and you are special too. You are alive in this world for a reason and don’t allow anyone to decide your value. As part of the respect to your own personality, remove that person from your life completely. Once you recover and find out what is important in your life, most probably after an year or more, when you can finally get the power to face the one who break you, that is the best achievement you can accomplish in your life….

3. Catch up with your loved ones….

If you have good friends, then talk with them honestly. There will be some individuals in your life who may want to see you happy. Share your problems with them. If not, then share with any stranger. Yes…!!! It is a good idea to tell your issues with them. They cannot do anything specific but atleast you may feel relaxed until the next wave of thoughts….

But never jump into any other relationships, since you may result in breaking their heart afterwards. And that will ruin your life too….

4. Focus on something that you love….

Everyone have some talents, You have to search and develop it. You have only one life and you have to give a try for your hidden talents.

It is not to showcase to everyone but to find your inner peace. You have to concentrate on something that you will enjoy to do, those with which no one can get hurt. You can attempt for Poetry writing, Story writing, or any kind of Content Writing. If that is not your style, then you can aim for drawing, composing music or anything related to it. If you can’t settle with any of these, then you can try your own capabilities. But daily occupy time to work on it….

5. Help others….

Helping others will boost your life and will make you happy. If you look carefully, you may find many individuals leading miserable life. You can make effort to do something supportive or beneficial to them. It will give you a positive energy and will improve your situation. You can also make time to those who love you. They also may need someone to share their troubles. Be that someone….

So these are the steps that will make your life better after a Breakup. I didn’t include travelling since the current situation is not favorable for that.

My turn:

You can also choose not to move on, Y’know, moving on is so mainstream. Why the fuck do you have to move on when you can still hurt your feelings, dying little by little, one day at a time?? Have a little alcohol, snort, inject, swallow, puke and then wallow. Who cares, dude? You don’t. why should anyone else? Ask yourself this: is this the person your ex loved?? If yes, then you’re more fucked up than you think.

Always remember: you come first. (I mean, you’re important, it’s not what you think).

Fuck the world.(Y’know what I mean)

Have you tried listening to sad songs with cigarette in your hand while you take a piss on the road? You better not.

If you can’t move on, move the fuck aside. Honestly, if you ask me, I’m not someone you go to for an advice so just listen to my sister.

93 thoughts on “Getting over someone. (Collab)”

  1. Hahaha, o my brother Bharath, you nailed it. Hmmm, unfortunately human life is full of loss any time, but it’s a kind of training for this one big terrifying loss everyone knows but refuses to think of☠️🌚🖤🕳️

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  2. Amazing collab!
    Convey my regards to your sister first of all!
    And you Bharath are amazing. I mean the synonyms of it at the same time. Look at your thoughts. It might take a dagger to someone’s heart and let it bleed rather than consoling.
    And people will thank you for letting them bleed. I love each bit of your thought and I mean it.

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  3. This is amazing.!!
    Well.. I’ll agree with Nabeela..since I have tried all the points she has mentioned…but for me it works for a moment but I am again the same. But, what has helped me most is focusing on thing that I love and it’s writing and another one is helping someone..the satisfaction that I get after that…is supreme.

    Coming to you part;
    Still hurting my what I do everyday…I guess..!! Alcohol..snorting..injecting..these are not my things.
    Sitting in a dark room…. listening to a sad song..but of course with no cigarettes..since I hate cigarettes and being honest I judge those who smoke.
    Well at the end of the day, dealing with your shits in your own way is all you can do.

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  4. “I am not someone you go to for an advice” I completely agree. 😂😂 Nice post! But many a times these tips work while many a times they don’t. And your tips.. Well.. I better not say anything 😂 but that was really smart Bharath, use of humour for the tough tasks.

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  5. Are you sure you two are related?? 😂😂 Kids, don’t do drugs. That’s a much simpler way of trying to tell a heartbroken person to move on and piss off. Smh Bharath 😂😂😂

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      1. I seriously thought it’s biological. *sigh* my intelligence surprises me sometimes. We all have the mental age of kids 😂 (on a dark note..especially with the er suicidal-thoughts-part)

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