Truth when questioned enough becomes a lie; Lie that’s believed turns into the truth.

Questions are answered yet No answers are questioned;

Freedom is not fundamental, Rights aren’t right when used.

I’ve lost belief in faith,

There’s no faith in what I believe.

254 thoughts on “Ironies.

  1. Hey Bharath, I went through your blog .. definitely made me laugh n smile ! Your writing style is so different ! I had to read many posts more than once , for it to sink inside my brain 😅😅😁… great blog there .. will read more soon .. keep rocking 😊👍

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  2. Just because the truth is questioned does not make it a lie…questions and answers fall hand in hand but we do not need them to fit…freedom is never what people call “free” …everything that you listed is a made up concept that humans came up with to be more comfortable in living. Our faith is when we automatically fall into these thinkings bc that is what we’ve been told to do since birth. I believe every single thing in this world is a made up concept that we decided build. How do we even know any of this is real? We don’t! Everything is controversial if you think about it enough!

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            1. hmmm … actually hmra mullak ma zada tar 2 languages hn punjabi r urdu english to ab aa k in hnni shuru hui a


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