We see things happen that often make us laugh, like someone we know getting into trouble;

“Oh he stepped on a banana peel and fell” Or “He stepped on shit”

It’s not always stepping on something, falling, hurting ourselves, falling sick, sometimes even death is a laughed at. Why do we do that?

Why do we laugh? We laugh at something unusual, usually, something that doesn’t always happen. For instance, take speech impediments; don’t we mock people over it and laugh? We all did that at least for once in our life. Admit it, you fucking hypocrite.

What is laughter? Is that a panic response after seeing something other than routine!? Is it our body responding to something that’s likely scary and abnormal? I don’t know.

One thing’s for sure; you fall, I laugh.

I know that when we laugh at someone, we’re kind of laughing at ourselves. After all, people are reflections of our preceptions

And we’re all fucked up.

133 thoughts on “Wandering thoughts.

  1. Enjoyable post …

    Why do we laugh?

    Charles R Gruner
    Routledge, 2017

    Humor, wit, and laughter surround each person. From everyday quips to the carefully contrived comedy of literature, newspapers, and television we experience humor in many forms, yet the impetus for our laughter is far from innocuous. Misfortune, stupidity, and moral or cultural defects, however faintly revealed in others and ourselves, seem to make us laugh. Although discomforting, such negative terms as superiority, aggression, hostility, ridicule, or degradation can be applied to instances of humor. According to scholars, Thomas Hobbes’s” superiority theory” that humor arises from mischances, infirmities, and indecencies, where there is no wit at all applies to most humor.

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            1. achaaa na phr kia kru umais ahmad s ma narz hu phla whhi sab kr k dta ama ab usko ni khna na


            1. We all were taking a stroll on the streets (long long before the lockdown) when one my friends said that he had an interesting app to show. He asked me to stand still, then suddenly he clicked a picture (without me understanding what Had happened) and then he showed me the sticker which had been made. And it resembled so much!

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