Just another day for me in the shower.

In the right hand corner is the wall where he lived, living his life, his way. The web was expansive and strong with carcasses of dead insects spread along the corners. A mosquito casually flew right into it, that curious little twat.

He came out casually as if someone knocked on his door and walked to the mosquito, following the vibrations which led to the struggling insect. When you’re caught in the web, you’re at the mercy of a merciless murderer. But Y’know, a spider’s gotta eat. The tired mosquito finally gave up, fate as you would call it isn’t in its favour. Chelicerae pierced the thin body, neurotoxin started sinking in and breakfast has been served.

Spider doesn’t give two fucks about anything; He eats and waits for another like a boss. The way other bugs fall into his trap is enthralling. I even saw him crawl on my hands a time or two before, I knew all he wanted was to get back home so we’re cool.

Why was I watching the spider instead of taking a shower?

Be like spider. Mind your fucking business.

59 thoughts on “Indifference.

  1. Once upon a time, there was a spider sitting on a shower head.
    I came in to take a shower and turned on the water without bothering to look around.
    When the water came down out of the shower head, it brought the spider with it—and it landed on my face.
    I quickly brushed it off and came running out of the shower screaming. I don’t know where the spider went.
    Why did I try to take a shower, without checking for a spider?
    (Never occurred to me that a spider would be there).
    Don’t ask me about the time (in Hawaii) when I tried to brush my teeth early in the morning, without turning the bathroom light on. When I put my toothbrush in my mouth, the toothpaste started to run. Yep. It was not a spider, it was a…..

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      1. I did not go back into the shower again that day, so I don’t know where the spider went.
        Ad no….In Hawaii, it was not a spider on my toothbrush.
        My toothbrush was wet from the night before—and I tried to brush my teeth early in the morning, without turning the bathroom light on.
        Once again, I wasn’t looking. My mistake!
        When I put my toothbrush in my mouth, the toothpaste started to run. I quickly tried to spit it out, so there was toothpaste on the mirror and on the wall. It wasn’t a spider, it was a cockroach.
        I told my dentist that story. He laughed and said, “Oh! As much pressure as you use when you brush your teeth, that poor little bugger didn’t have a chance! Probably legs all over the place.”

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  2. Indeed, it is. I didn’t know the technique behind it’s prey-hunt. Thanks for that.

    And, typos change the intent. It was meant to be an exclamation, not question mark.

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      1. Haha!

        Yeah, I’ve read about that. Not just mantis, there are lots of other species. The same is the case with spiders, as I mentioned in the first comment. It’s called sexual cannibalism.

        Few other animals die or get killed after mating too – few rat species and octupus – sexual frustrations!

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            1. I couldn’t find the link in my bookmarks, Bharath. I’ve read something related to apex predators and a particular species of rats that cannibalise. I’ll let you know if I come across the details sometime.

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  3. If it were me, I would have ran out without having my shower. Spiders creep me out! I didn’t know that spiders inject neurotoxin and acid to melt their prey. Now they seem even more scary and disgusting!!!

    Good morning, Bharaaaaath

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      1. Omg! That would be the stuff of my nightmares. I’ll scream and keep running. Even the thought of it makes me shiver.
        Hey good morning Bharaaaaath.
        I was down with a bad migraine.
        I was taking some time off from my phone.
        After two days, I’m finally pain-free 😀

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