I rubbed my finger against the wall and it turned black like my shadow, dense and opaque. Whatever I touched, wherever I went, all turned dark; all the light absorbed, nothing emitted gets out.

There are no roads, there is no path, not one direction but I walk. The world bled red but why it did was pitch black. I search for colours, I search for grays, I search for compassion, I search for grace. The eyes are closed, the mouths are open, the world is blind and words, chosen. We’re all stained by sins that can’t be washed off with mere acts of purity.

There is no redemption without retribution; there’s no one to heed our call.

Life is a lie, an eternal night lived by all; even the gods perish at nightfall. The good men fall and you know it’s written on the wall.

98 thoughts on “This darkness

  1. That is dark and evil man! You read it and the darkness smirks to you. I mean you would have gone pretty well with Edgar Allan Poe, take it as a compliment and a comment both. Whoo! Darkness surrounds me reading this….

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  2. The good men fall…..!!
    This too shall pass. Nothing remains forever. *Forever is a myth*
    Neither the white light, the colors, and nor this dark night!
    Moreover, your eyes will get adjusted to this soon. You would be making out the colors even in the dark!
    BTW, ..one thing I felt a lil different was..
    Although there was all dark,but you look for greys, you look for colors, and not for any light…..

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            1. In that sense humans are bound to be lost.
              Coz the wants are never ending and ever changing.
              How bout this…
              X has a loving girlfriend, an understanding and supporting family, fairly cooperating boss, amazing friends to be with, and a secure job!! He is happy! Ofc..all these can make your life pretty much a heaven.😂
              Would you say that X is lost?

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            2. We are bound to feel lost. I keep yelling about that all the freaking time. Everything looks bright when you see from afar it’s only when you start paying attention, you see all the absurdities.
              Is X lost? He might be. Try asking him.


  3. All men fall, regardless of whether they are good or bad. Women fall too. Meanwhile, some others are so loved by Mother Earth that they fall a lot because Mother Earth feels like hugging them every now and then!

    All jokes apart, this was beautiful in a dark way. Welcome back, O Prince of Darkness!

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      1. Oh I think a lot many things .. when you rubbed against the wall , you saw black ..you actually saw mix of yellow, blue, red! I hope you won’t repent asking this question Bharath😂
        Anyways , I think your writing style is awesome !

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        1. A mix of yellow, blue and red eh? See? Multitude of anything leads to darkness. Now you might add white to black to get grays. What’s grey? Covering the dark part up. Black is always there. Ever present. I don’t repent or regret asking questions. They get me answers.
          Thank you happy, you’re awesome yourself.

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          1. Black is there ! Right ! As white takes over the shade becomes light !
            Sweet of you ! Thank you Bharath😊

            You know when I typed “sweet” now, I got the Dark Chocolate in mind as a synonym to say sweet in your page 😄… your darkness is catching up here!!!

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            1. But your pic of profile, the yellow one in the blue, makes me feel like I saw one of my aunties!! She is a blonde! And it looks like her animated picture..she is a Muslim and that one looks like her veil😅. A rebellious one!😅like me. We are quite good friends!

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            2. Arey didn’t play with a girl who has a bro already! She will be always a good puncher!
              Sochna tha ki kabhi kabhi aisi problems and confusions aa jati hai.😂
              Check again !😅


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