Bob was a regular fish who swam with his shoal. He enjoyed floating with lighter current and was also popular for going against the tide.

It was a regular day for regular bob, shoaling and chewing on his food. The moon’s position wasn’t in their favour that night, the tides were high. When the directions change, regular bob has an itch. He wants to prove his mettle.

He swam against the tide and to his surprise, it was too high and he was stranded before he knew it. If there’s any other thing bob was good at, it was swimming but so were his friends.

He kept going ahead in search of his group but he wasn’t sad. He knows fish can’t feel sad, they don’t get lonely.

Bob doesn’t give a swimming fuck. Be like Bob.

Move on.

51 thoughts on “Bob.”

            1. Yeah but to be constricted to a physical body (and a human concept) isn’t very…idk what to call it…holy? I don’t have a word 😂


      1. Haha out of all the names in the world you had to pick it’s just a simple payback😂😂😂


          1. 🙂🙃😜😛
            But could you strike off that kutty? Feels like papa is around!😅
            Tho shuru karein?
            Hey Chinna! How ya doing Chinna? Chinna kutta! This sounds🤢🤮 I should probably go with Chinna alone!😂
            Oye! You have started to play with the devil.. wait and watch!

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