It’s dark. Pitch black.

Looking around, I see darkness moving within itself. I don’t hear a thing. There’s thunder and lightning but I don’t hear a thing. I’m just not paying attention so I don’t hear shit.

When you spend enough time in the quiet, you’ll notice the silence speaks. It has a voice of its own; I wish we spoke the language. I wish we could decipher what it says.

Am I supposed to be scared!? What do I do when this is the only escape?

87 thoughts on “Black.

  1. Last lines!!! Amazing.
    You can’t hear anything but there’s thunder and lightning!?
    Darkness, the only escape! I wonder how it would be like. Noticing the movement even when there is nothing we can see but only dark.

    Silence speaks! I heard the screams? I felt it wanted to shout! But silence is silenced after all?!!🤐

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      1. Actually, not exactly moving.
        But sometimes I imagine strange things out of some things I see.
        Like, if there are some dots in a strange pattern, I can imagine it to be an appearance of a strange creature, yk.

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  2. Yeah darkness can be scary sometimes, alone with our thoughts and imaginations. :)) I liked reading the comments about your mom, that’s so interesting to me because as a mom I am no longer scared of the dark but as a kid I had to sleep with the hall light on… :))

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      1. Hehe good question. For me I got all growed up when I had to gently remove my own spiders from the bedrooms, instead of my own mom doing it for me!! Haha. Also there is the mother tiger instinct which can override a lot of fear. :))

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            1. You should get used to it. My mom is afraid of nothing, I remember days without power when I was a kid, we sat in candle light, I’d be scared shitless but mum would go about like she’s scared of nothing.

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            2. She sure is brave. What about the grown-up you? I wasn’t scared when I was a small kid. It started when I was about 10 or something. I am scared of not knowing what’s there. What’s the word for that? It’s not just darkness. I am afraid of water for the same reason.

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            3. Oh she is really brave. I am not scared of darkness but of the thoughts that come after I’m consumed by it. What word? Fear of darkness? Nyctophobia. Why were you scared? Because ghosts dwell in there??
              I’m afraid of water because I can’t swim.

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            4. Not just darkness. When you are scared of not knowing what’s there whether water, darkness, whatever. Yeah. Even I can’t swim. Because of that I cannot see what down there while I stand in deep lakes or even oceans. As long as it’s clear and I can see what’s beneath, I am ok.
              Ghosts, humans, animals! I don’t know. Crazy imaginations make it worse.

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  3. Okay, if it’s silent, how can you sense thunder? 😉 Maybe it’s a logical conclusion since there’s lightning.

    But all jokes apart, this was beautiful. Darkness moving within darkness! And silence has a voice of its own

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    1. I did say I’m not paying attention, so I can hear but I pretend that i can’t. 😛😛
      Thank you Shweta. Have you ever felt like something was moving in pitch black when you were alone??


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