“Your forgot to turn the lights off,” you’d scream, making it a big deal. But checking it twice, isn’t a big deal either. So, I made sure all the switches are off, grabbed my keys and locked the door.

I played your favourite song in the car. I love it but I won’t admit it. That book you bought for me? It ain’t trash either.

I saw a kid selling cotton candy further up the road. Here, I bought three, each in different colour. You’d love it. The colour of your tongue after you eat it! Disco lights!

And now I’m finally here, suited up, holding cotton candies. It feels like a first date all over again. Come home with me, will you? I know you won’t talk, but I will.

Remember how the sight of a spider scared you to death? There’s one crawling right over you and you don’t even flinch. Have I told you the house is infested by rodents? I might’ve. Yeah we’ll take care of it. Your clothes are back from laundry, I folded them up and put them back in the wardrobe just the way you like it. The perfume you suggested; yeah the one I didn’t like, it actually smells great, Y’know… it’s great.

Oh! The pancakes were out of shape but edible. You missed it as usual. Funny I didn’t know I could cook before, it’s like it’s always been there like a hidden superpower yet to be harnessed. I don’t skip dinner as Promised. You like these flowers, don’t you? I hate them. You know. Does that even matter?

I know you’re still laughing at the rice that I burnt last week. Shut up now. Enough. The days are fleeting by like they always do but there’s one thing that keeps me awake at night. How could you love someone like me? What did you hold on to? I don’t understand.

When I don’t have you to look at, there’s nothing else to look forward to. At least you’re resting in peace. I can’t rest, neither am I in peace.

Written in collaboration with her majesty, Shreya.

91 thoughts on “Hellos and byes – collab post.

  1. Reblogged this on Wild Scared Crazy and commented:
    It was just another lazy day, I was laying on my bed. My phone blinks, and so does my eyes. Lazily, I read an eye-watering post that Bharath wrote. Still heartbroken, I let him know I’m impressed. That’s when he asks me to add on. With a heart full of envy at his words written beautifully, I give it my best shot and add a few paras. I hope you like it.

    Thank you, Bharath. Writing with you is always challenging and what comes out is always beautiful. I really really really really love writing with you.

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  2. Damn!!!
    I’m spellbound. My two very favorite bloggers left me in tears🥺
    The cotton candy part, those disco lights…tooooo good!
    I’m loving it!
    And yess!!!!! The ending lines 🔥(It’s called Bharath’s touch)
    Should I say more?
    Shreya and Bharath you both are amazing!!

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  3. Umm…jab pancakes vala paragraph start hua tha..I felt as if I am reading you.
    Not a very good cook, despise the flowers, nearly impossible to have thoughtless sleep at night.😁
    They were some of the hints that they are said by you.
    And former part is definitely by Shreya. I could sense that.
    Describing even the mundane things so precisely. Lights band krna, cotton candies, fav perfume, laundry clothes….and much more than that.
    She is definitely master in that.😎
    Correct me if I am wrong.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. How did you love someone like me? What did you hold on to?✨💫
    Love, a mystery.😈
    Rest and peace together is a myth. Isn’t it!
    And I could sense your influence in the latter part and Shreya’s in the former part.😄😄
    Last paragraph is commendable.
    Beautifully penned post, again.😎

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