It’s cold. The blanket doesn’t do its job, I shiver a bit but I’m okay. What time is it? What does it matter? The walls that surround me have stories of their own, they listen to people. It’s good that they don’t speak, imagine the horrors we’d face if they did.

Silence is serene. So you’d think.

The pervasiveness of darkness that creeps in is unfathomable. Sometimes darkness isn’t the absence of light; it’s the state of being oblivious to it. I spread my legs wide and slump down against the wall, a strange feeling of suffocation oddly puts me at ease as I stare aimlessly into nothingness. What is this place? I remain seated. Breathless, still breathing.

There’s a riot inside my head. A battle between reason and hypocrisy instigates a doubt within, making me question my emotions and morality. Isn’t it funny? we think we know people, even the ones closest to us. It’s funnier when we tell people they know us, yet we go to bed with secrets buried deep within.

We’re responsible, aren’t we? But we’d never admit. Pride is a wretched thing. Humanity is a wretched thing. Life isn’t a bitch, we are and guilt is unbearable. Before you blame your god, remember: even he couldn’t create a world without consequences. If he existed, he’d be as helpless as we are.

We always long for an escape not a solution.

If there’s anything that needs revival in this world, it’s not people. It’s hope.

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  1. The walls would have more interesting tales than us.

    Darkness is the state of being oblivious to light. This is the truth in majority of cases.

    We really don’t know anybody, and nobody knows us for real. We always hide our true selves. We believe in taking the secrets to grave, at least I do.

    We always look for an escape, not a solution. Solutions are harder to execute, it needs courage and things we don’t like.

    Hope is already revived. It’s actually too much. More than we can digest.

    Overall, I don’t have words to say how good this post is.

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  2. BTW, I have wrote something after reading one of your posts.😁 I will be posting it soon.
    I just wanted to tell this to you. Vaise apko pata lag hi jata maybe.😄😝

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  3. It’s not beautiful but real! So it strikes like most of the times..
    Reality isn’t meant to be beautiful. Moreover beauty is nothing but a perception.
    Darkness is oblivion or absence of light? How do we know!?
    Maybe when we long for light, it’s then the absence and when we know of nothing but just dark, it is oblivion. But then, everything is two sided, how can we not know this fact?
    How there’s a battle between hypocrisy and reason? Who wins?
    Hope needs revival but it’s partially delusional!?

    You always make me think so much about your writings, Bharath.🙈😏
    So much of hardwork 🙄😅😅.

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  4. Wow. This is so damn beautiful, Bharath 😍
    If only walls could speak, indeed their stories would be horrible and shocking. Darkness can be something much more than the absence of light. And yes, hope is what needs revival.
    And oh yes, the secrets part. Definitely!

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