Everything is blurry. My head hurts, My back hurts, My ass hurts. I stretch my hands and legs, groan a little and turn left. The phone light is blinding.

“Happy anniversary” the notification read. “What the flightless fuck!! I have nothing to do with this” I say and grab my phone. It’s from WordPress.

It’s been five years?? Fuuuuccccck!

I think I need to get a life. But first, let me get some sleep. Nighty night, folks!

If you’re reading this, this one’s for you. 🐛

78 thoughts on “Disbelief.”

  1. Morning Bharath!

    Outstanding Man!
    Cheers to five years of survival being favorite to a lot of people including me for sure.

    The master of dark content.
    Your blogs are always worth reading. And look at the content you wrote at your 5th year with WordPress. It’s quite funny.
    Why do you think you need a life when you probably have one.
    Isn’t it amazing that you can post anything that comes to your head and people read and give their feedback. Well I know you never do that for feedback as you don’t need validation.
    But it’s a deal Bharath, look at your comment section, I always wonder how you keep everyone interested.
    More than comments people love to have a conversation with you. And it’s fun. Isn’t it?

    Top of everything you are amazing and so is your content.
    Keep writing, you’re writing is making a difference, you notice it or not!

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    1. Rashmiiiiiii! You made me smile and shed a tear with this comment. I don’t know if I’m anybody’s favourite but you are my favourite. Though talking to you is like walking the line of control, I do enjoy talking to you.
      Thanks for tolerating me and being here.
      You’re amazing. 🙂


      1. I always wonder how sometimes my comments make you emotional for time being.

        Well being Bharath’s favorite is an achievement in itself.
        The feeling is always mutual Bharath.
        I honestly don’t now why I took so much time to revert to this comment!

        Don’t go leaving WordPress ever is all I wanna say.

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  2. Congrats for having such an achievement Bharath.😅
    I just wish that you keep posting your anniversary notifications lifelong. Not only them but your posts too.😂😂
    A caterpillar..why?
    And I dunno why I can’t see this post of yours in my reader section but only at your site?
    Btw, the logo of Wp here looks like a crab, haina.😂😂

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    1. Thank you Chetna, I don’t think this blog will last that long. There will come a point where I have to stop writing and it’s around the corner, I can feel it.
      The caterpillar is a reference. It’s for someone who keeps me going, without whom this blog would’ve been lost.

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  3. 5 years already? The time just flies….like I said continue enlightening us through your awe inspiring words, brother!!

    P.S. I’m really glad to have found a brother in you😍

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