Minutes of midnight.

I should’ve closed the window. The calendar slaps itself against the wall making too much noise; I check my phone for the clock. When was the last time I looked for date? It’s not that there’s always something important but when was it?

I walk to the calendar and try to guess what day it is. No idea. My phone lay in the bed; not walking back to it. Why does it matter anyway? Expecting too much from life. I’m a fool perhaps. Days and nights are like blips to me now. Everything happens within the blink of an eye and I keep blinking. The more I wait, the slower time moves.

Monotony seems to be the essence of life. I feel like I can predict the future. Like I know exactly what will happen 24 hours from now. Life has become more of a chore.

I wish I could go back to sleep. Fuck this.

129 thoughts on “Minutes of midnight.”

  1. Sometimes you leave me speechless.
    Look at the sentences here
    “Calendar slaps itself against the wall
    Monotony as essence
    I keep blinking”

    You have your own way to present your thoughts and they aren’t monotonous. Everyday you come up with something different and it becomes a new masterpiece.

    Well done Bharath!

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      1. I love those extra I’s in my name, shows your excitement.
        Flattery wasn’t the thing.
        I honestly enjoyed it.

        You know Bharath I could actually visualise calendar slapping wall and you blinking or looking at your watch.
        It’s actually a deal to make readers visualise your thoughts.
        I am impressed haa!

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          1. Huh!! My routine is not in routine😂
            I would be lying if I would say that I am trying my best to bring it on the track!!
            Ykw, yesterday all day long, this line was running in my mind..
            We look for an escape and not the solution.
            I feel nothing but strange.😬

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            1. You won’t make me skip the answers haina.😂😂
              Like if someone close to me start scolding me in loud voice. Or when anyone says me not to cry while I am about to cry, I cry even more.😂

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            2. Oh! I guess you don’t know about this phrase..
              It originally is ..Et tu Brutus!!
              But your name suited well here.😜
              It’s by Shakespeare now go and google to know the meaning to serve your curiosity.😂

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            1. Like I am waiting my final year to finish. Since, the beginning of the year I was counting days. I am also waiting for that one day. Its nowhere around. Let’s wait for that day when we both are done waiting!!🤣🤣

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            2. Don’t say that, I know it is a long way but don’t mention it!😅 About post grad not thought of the specialization yet. It depends on entrance exams so as of now planning of qualifying it

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