The clock is ticking.

I look around, look at people and notice the guy beside me is saying something. I nod and laugh. What was the joke? No idea. He blabbered on. Ugh!

It’s raining outside; I see rain drops on the window glass. Wind was scarily loud. My phone keeps ringing, fuck that shit. I’m not answering.

There’s instant pasta in my bag.

Somebody take me home.

This has nothing to do with the post. Deal with it.

67 thoughts on “Argh!”

  1. This sketch is made by you at your office when you must be feeling like nothing to do or getting bored perhaps! Correct me if I am wrong.😅😅
    But what’s exactly is that man trying to do?

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            1. You be like..let the viewers think whatever of it!😂
              I am not sure if I mentioned there. But anyways, you are the first one here to address me like this.😄
              Does my site displays about page too??? I haven’t really made it yet I guess…

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            2. I did it already 😂
              Earlier I had my full name as my username. So that’s where you must have got to know..I think.
              Anyways..I don’t mind it at all!😂😂

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  2. This was the exact scene that happened with me after the classes, during monsoon. It’d always take me 2-3 hrs more than the usual time…the sketch is a good one, but the caption is lit. 😂

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