Yes I see them.

Those clouds floating away abandoning my skies, making way to sunlight. The rains have gone and the days shall now be long; air carries the season’s warmth. I miss the cold, that chill down my spine; I shed the skin that I once called mine.

A strange feeling of comfort creeps from underneath while I explore this world through the window. sing for me, birds of the morning and I’ll wait for you and wave when you fly back home; for I have nothing but this face to show.

Yes I see myself.

The world makes little sense now, the calmer I am, the louder I hear myself. It has been hard to learn; to be alone and to let go but you will still find me

Smiling at you.

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  1. You never fail to amaze your readers by writing such posts, do you even know?
    I don’t want to say it is a dark or light post. But just that it contains mixed emotions.
    Long days and strange comfort doesn’t really makes one happy? Does it?😅
    And the last line speaks a lot.🤐

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            1. Really! You understand them?
              Or maybe you are more like a music guy.😅
              I have many to give but for now I would only give for VILEN!
              His songs are really good.
              And Old Skool by Sidhu is also very nice.
              Sunna aap jab time mile toh.

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  2. Yep, sometimes these natural beauties do give us a chance to feel a bit comfortable, a bit relieved. Wonderful writeup Bharath! But the last line, as always, did hit hard. How do you do this? And again, that last line, it left me speechless. It’s actually so hard, that pain.. but again that smile, it’s so relatable.
    I see some rhyme game was going on here. Alas! I am late. I missed it. ☹️

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      1. Thank you. Yeah, was busy.. sleeping, fell ill😓 and your post, I had read it earlier, but as I said, that last line brought back those flashbacks, making me feel numb again, and that’s why I wasn’t able to write what I felt. So, I waited till I was a bit normal, and then commented later on. See, this is the power of your words, it makes people experience so many feelings.

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  3. Bharath, this feels like radical cheerfulness. I like it very much. 😊 Seriously lovely writing though 👌👌 “…sing for me, birds of the morning and I’ll wait for you and wave when you fly back home…” — love!! 🎶🌷

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  4. Good morning Bharath!

    It’s drizzling here since morning. It’s a beautiful weather.
    And this post is so refreshing.
    And most of all you’re smiling, whatever be the reason, you’re hearing yourself loud, you’re calm.


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      1. Rains calm the soul and make us all so happy nah.
        Wow you going on a trip.
        Enjoy the same and then share a blog. I’d love to read what all is there to take a trip during rains..
        I can imagine all the fun.

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            1. Not often but I don’t waste the chances I get. Even if I can’t go anywhere, I ride to highway and sit there alone in the wind with a cup of tea in my hands. There’s a dhaba that I frequent.


            1. Yes…IPV and OPV are for kids mainly…no use of to you!

              Flu shots are mainly available for Influenzas but the their is extensive mutation in the organisms, so again no use to you!

              And I don’t know if you’ll understand this or not🤣🤣

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            2. Life is not a bed of Roses,
              One moment happy and gay,
              Another, in sadness you lay,
              But you still can’t be scribbling about it,
              Atleast you had your one happy day,
              Their others surviving only their may day

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            3. Me too! But you’ll have comment section full of our rhymes…don’t even know if it makes sense sometimes!! I am too usually this not hopeful but since you take the extreme end, I take up hope to the extreme level!😜😜

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            4. It is so good, I can’t think of a reply to that!

              War brings death,
              A blood bath that follows,
              Heads been sent to gallows,
              The crown that holds the blame,
              Burns ever after in its flame

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            5. Your cold eyes,
              A supposedly hollow self,
              A visit to gallows,
              Speaks of the valor it follows,
              The war you fought,
              The crown you down brought,
              Don’t be tensed of your distraught

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            1. Par mai Bata deti hu, hm TC is basis pe nhi denge ki hmare pass fridge nhi h.. you gotta give some solid reason.

              Hm bhut smart bol denge kisi school me Fridge nhi h, hm apne students ko nhi Jane denge.
              Ab bolo 😅

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