All I have are my dreams.

What they are and where they come from? I know not, brother. They’re as lost as I am.

I dream of everything, I dream of nothing;

Everything is nothing and nothing becomes everything.

81 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. This is deep. I share the same sentiment “all I have are my dreams…”Sometimes really I wish they were real then I would feel good to know I have accomplished them. The fact that they have not happened springs new hope each day that just maybe today will be the day. I love your work, it’s brilliant!

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  2. Good evening Bharathhhhhhhh!

    This is thought provoking, “Everything is nothing and nothing is everything”.

    All you have is dreams, and contrary to that I don’t have any dreams to chase, isn’t it weird🙄

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            1. Ghost, really?
              Now I was recording my lecture and then I put it on hold to come and revert you.
              Can you see you in a while.
              It’ll take 5-10 min!

              But do tell me what do you see? I’m curious

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            2. Ah so that’s how they teach online eh? Carry on.
              There’s a ghost, a woman standing in the living room demanding everyone to stay indoors and I run to the gate. The gate is locked and for some reason I can’t climb over it either. I rush back inside and the ghost disappears.
              That day passes quickly but in the night it’s menacing. She throws everything around, keeps crying all night and if anyone tries to go out, the doors are shut and locked.
              It’s scary. 😂

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            3. Yaa that’s how it works, now I am free till Sunday evening, I’ll record next lecture then!

              Listening to your nightmare was like watching some horror show, ghost and woman in white saree😂

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            4. Fortunately, I get immense love at that place.
              For my teachers I am still their student Rashmi.

              For my students, I am like a friend, I am not at all a strict teacher. So yaa I make sure they learn without getting bored or they come to me without hesitation. And I get so much affection their that I don’t feel like scolding them.

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  3. Dreams are basically the working of the subconscious mind. It is imagery and representation of what we go through, either on that day, while we were awake, or sometime in our lives. It is the way of processing emotions by the brain, repressed wishes, or any feeling, which is within us.

    Yup, we do dream of everything and nothing. Often, things we don’t want to remember/recall. But that’s what dreams are, expressing your suppressed emotions.

    Often there are dreams which don’t have any meaning. Or maybe involve people or incidents you may have no connection with. Happens with all of us. And they are hard to analyse. But such dreams, don’t actually have anything to do with the person you see, they are all based on emotions, insecurities, or just an escape from reality(which we crave for in real).
    Your last line answers your own question. Everything becomes nothing, like memories which were earlier precious and treasurable, now lose significance, or maybe they are stained as much that we become indifferent towards them..this is where dreams get their base from. We may become indifferent, but deep down, we all do wish it had been different, maybe we could have put in more efforts, or whatever it may be. That is why this feeling which we usually ignore or keep away when we are awake, is visualised in sleep. Nothing becomes everything, just like a weird dream which has no sense, helps us distract from intense emotions. We often tend to forget those dreams after we wake up, maybe because, what we see while sleeping is our short term memory, when we wake up, some parts of our brain are still dormant, and thus this memory isn’t converted into the long term one.

    Dreamless sleeps are indications of a calm and stable mind, which doesn’t work uncontrollably. This is why people meditate.

    But in the end, science is still progressing, and we cannot put forward a very concrete theory for these processes. These are just explanations, which may be true.
    Great one Bharath! A thought provoking writeup on a very random topic. I admire this skill of yours. (P. S. Sorry for such a long-long comment).

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    1. A few years ago I was reading extensively about dreams and what they tell us. What you say here is what I read there but you said it better. It’s our brain telling us things, crying out loud, showing you things you always ignored or things you wish happened. Dreams tell you everything but too bad most of them are forgotten soon as we wake up.
      I like the way you think.
      Thanks for the comment, Tisha. It feels good to see you here.

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  4. “I dream of everything, I dream of nothing;
    Everything is nothing and nothing becomes everything”
    True we are as lost as ours dreams. Life is an illusion, a mirage, where what we see may not be real. Everyone has their understanding of everything and nothing!! It became too long!!🤣🤣

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  5. I loved this. I like the line, “They’re as lost as I am.” I always wonder what dreams are meant to be for, why we have them, where they go when we wake up. Why we forget them so easily. Then overall, the whole idea of dreaming and daydreaming are both beautiful. Such a simple write-up but quite brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

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