A flower blossomed from the cracks of her skin. Only to wither away before she could blink. Desolation echoed in her voice; life pale, it had endured pain. Eyes have dried. Emotions had died; of abandonment and famine. There are worms now, gnawing through her heart, burrowing into her soul.

She had waned, darling, no tears to water the blossoms again.

93 thoughts on “Garden.”

            1. I’ll tell you, try it. May be it works for you.

              For once stop talking about how worthless life is, how everything has no value, what wrong people did, how stupid we are to think things are forever.
              Stop thinking it for once. Okay let’s say 3 days.

              Start appreciating life, appreciating what you’ve got, living each day without giving a thought to anything negative. Just for once don’t let any negative thought enter your mind.
              Be at peace with everything and know there’s a purpose in the life you’re living. And no circumstances can ruin your peace.

              Write something positive.
              Too much lecture nah, but just for 3 days try this.

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            2. Who said I don’t appreciate what I have? I do. Life is purposeless Rashmi, I believe it with all my heart. It’s not negative, it frees you from expectation. You’ll be at peace.

              What makes you think I’m negative?

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            3. This comment gave me a different perception of you.
              Now it makes me question what I myself was thinking.

              No you’re not negative, you just see things differently.
              I thought seeing life as purposeless is something not everyone feels.

              But I understand that your thoughts are different. You just are not having any expectations.

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            4. Expectations hurt. Thinking life has a purpose hinders your thought process and makes you slave to anticipation.
              I am not disappointed in anything because I don’t expect, I am happy because things could’ve been much worse. 🙂


            5. Hey there Bharath, how you doin?

              I am a little too occupied with work these days, so I not finding any time to sit and comment on your blogs. But it’s been a few days and I wanted to tell you, you are writing exceptionally beautiful! I wanted to put this message last night after reading your blog, but then I slept, but seriously you are writing wonderful.

              I’ll see you there soon, may be in a day or two. But couldn’t resist telling you how beautiful they are.

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            1. Hey yes aathmana, your latest post had appeared in my reader too, .. will go through all your posts soon. Right now for today, hooked on to Bharath’s Banter ☺️☺️


            2. It’s okay… I haven’t posted in a while.
              So I am just drafting a new post..
              I’m quite sure that bharath’s banter will keep you occupied!😃😃
              My bro is talented, you see?!😅

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