The sunshine of the blog’s award of the WordPress.

Rashmiiiiii I’m standing in your sunshine!

I’ve done countless Sunshine blogger award posts and trust me, none of them could drive the darkness away. I thought I’d take a break from these but here I am, for the second time; only because you asked me to. Now don’t punish me, I’m submitting the homework on time.

I’m fuckin’ bored lookin’ at this wretched image again and again.

Now to the questions. I’m holding my breath and jumping right in!!

1.Do you think your name is cute?
Let me ask myself that first. Hey, Bharath! Are you cute? PISS OFF!! okay, Bharath doesn’t like me.

2. If you had a chance to name yourself, which name would you choose and why?
I don’t know. I’m quite indecisive. How about Raven?? or Clark Kent?? But since you said ‘choose’, why don’t you gimme options to choose from?

3. Do you have any hobbies other than writing?
Writing isn’t a hobby; It’s more of a habit. Hobbies are time consuming(or I’m just plain lazy). Lemme think though… does zoning out count??

4. Be it books or movies, if given chance, which character’s life would you choose to live and why?
I’d like to live the life of Marco Polo or Ibn Battuta. These dudes are legends.

5.If you have a job now, are you happy with it? If you could change it now, which one would you choose?
I have a job. Am I happy with it? Happiness to me is fleeting, so are jobs. Given a chance, I’d live the life of a nomad doing odd jobs, always in motion. Since Rashmi mentioned her 12th grade ambitions, I wanted to be an architect.

6. Do you like to cook?
You’re askin’ the wrong person, mate!! I make yummy instant noodles though.

7. Which is your Zodiac sign?

8. Do you believe in predictions made for your zodiac sign?
Meh! Fuck that shit.

9. Are you, so far, proud and satisfied with your blog’s progress?
I’m neither proud nor satisfied because I never had any expectations on the blog. I wrote whatever, whenever.

10. What’s the most useless piece of knowledge you know?
My neighbour keeps yelling at his wife. (is that knowledge??)

11. Which is your favorite work from your blog? Leave a link so everyone can enjoy it.
None. Nada.

130 thoughts on “The sunshine of the blog’s award of the WordPress.”

  1. I just couldn’t stop laughing while reading this post! All answers were hilarious, especially the 1st, 8th and 10th ones😂😂
    Nothing beats making instant noodles, though; and yes, zoning out does count as a hobby (but to me, it’s more of a specialty 🤣🤣)

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  2. Okay I have a lot to say this time!!!!😅😅
    I had a great laugh reading this!🤣
    1. Yeah yeah, Bharath doesn’t like you.. that’s pretty clear for me from the beginning!😅
    2. Clark Kent sounds better!😅 But Bharath Upendra sounds best!😃😃🤩 (Just kidding😉🤣)
    3. you forgot about pasta.. and of course better worship that delivery guy.. he probably by now knows your address and timing by heart!😅
    4. Me too brooo… I’m Aquarius too. And I hate it when people judge you for your zodiac signs!😠 But here we don’t give much importance to AQUARIUS.. we have some different names here.. I am Anizham🤣
    5. Neighbour keeps yelling at his wife? I’d probably do something to shut him up.. nah nah.. I’m not gonna confront him or something… I know some crazy things to do to naughty children! And he definitely needs 👻
    I am a dayyam, remember?😆😅

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    1. Haha you laugh at me anyway.
      1. Why was it clear from the beginning? What gave it away??
      2. Thank you 🙃
      3. Pasta was easy peasy. You just have to add water.
      4. You’re Aquarius?? Wow. 😂😂 is that why you’re always aloof?
      5. What would you do, yakshi?


      1. 😂🤣
        1. Idk.. a vibe perhaps😛😁
        2. *Just kidding (I had written it in parenthesis.. I think you forgot to read that😜😂😂)
        3. Add water?😅 Wow.. great tip chef!
        4. I’m Aquarius.. but that doesn’t mean I’m like you😎 And when did you start believing in all that ‘star related judgements’?🤣
        Anizham sounds better than Aquarius anyways!😏
        5. 🤐That’s a secret.. better keep your ears active at night…. I will be there👹👻🤭
        Lemme look if I can teach your neighbour a lesson

        P. S : I had to go back to what I had commented every single time.. to check what I have said, to which you had responded in serial order!🤯..
        I know this doesn’t make sense!😌

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  3. Just yesterday we spoke about an imaginary discussion with you n my mom right? She too is Aquarius! This discussion would be interesting, very interesting! 😅

    No. 10 😂😂😂is that knowledge really? More like gossip 😅.. your teacher has given you 10/10 I better not argue.. I may be punished ☺️

    But really! An awesome post Bharath .. I laughed reading it! I love the way you write!!

    Just a thought, Your blog is worth starting an award on its own.. “Bharath Banter’s dark blog award” 🤷‍♀️whatya think? Love the way you paint darkness in your post … though my thoughts are against darkness, I really appreciate your placement of words! 🙌🙌😊

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    1. Gossip comes under informal communication and communication spreads knowledge. Doesn’t that make it knowledge? My teacher is awesome, haha!
      No I better not share any award. Why are you against darkness btw?? You can only see stars in the dark.
      And about mom! Please tell her I said hi and record her lecture for me.

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      1. Knowledge is gained by experience or education .. so you got good education on the nuisance of married life from your neighbor 😂

        Oh yes, a very sweet awesome teacher ❤️😊I’m her big fan 🥰

        I agree darkness is a part of the world we live in! We have to live with it, no matter what .. But the negative vibes is what I’m talking about .. I believe in positive thoughts, positive words, spreading smiles and letting go of bitter thoughts…, which I call light, Hope, happiness..and the like ..

        I really wish to record a few of her thoughts and mailing to you .. worms on the heart, sitting alone in a dark room, and many similar posts.. you will get some gyan 😅,

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        1. Hahaha yeah I guess to. I’ve learned about the perils of marriage. Positivity is fine but there has to be a balance. You can’t step on a land mine, take your foot off of it and live just by having positive thoughts.
          Haha I’m ready for your gyan. Mail me. 😂

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          1. This i completely agree! Cant just live on positive thoughts … Balance is exactly what i am talking about …
            But somehow Bharath, your posts are very different… i read them, but i never felt like telling you to stop writing #pain posts……… i dont know how to explain .. 😦 🙂

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            1. :-))ignore the rest !! :-))
              Im on my PC digging your older posts! 😉 so i dont have access to all smileys … :-)) = lol

              well … Thanks …(again missing my smileys, difficult to chat without them )……. wellllllll,,, Thanks 😉

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  4. Gooooddddddddd Morniiiiinnnnggggg Studddeennt!

    I am absolutely impressed with the homework that you did.
    Your answers are hillarious and fun as always. I don’t understand why you yourself found that boring earlier. See the validation it receives over here. Everyone literally EVERYONE enjoys reading them.

    Bharath doesn’t like himself and contrary to that everyone else likes him so much.
    Conclusion- Bharath better starts liking himself.

    We’ll count Zoning out, writers have this liberty.

    Now when are you inviting us for that noodles treat?

    10th answer😂😂

    Result- 10 on 10
    Absolutely fantastic!

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  5. Raven is such a kewl name ngl. Zoning out deinfinitelt counts; I mastered the art of it. My male teacher called me out when I zoned out, saying I’ll be doing the next task. I told him I already knew how to do it-and I did it, no problem. I’m friends with that teacher 😂

    *sad noises* I thought youd put a piece of info that I gave out in number 10 😂😂 Anyways random info…waves ALWAYS refract, reflect and get absorbed. ALWAYS . They’re just annoying that way. We might have a sky filled with stars but we wouldn’t know bc the light of the star might have bent bc of a black hole and so hasn’t reached us. It’s kinda sad

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    1. Wow! you’re a child prodigy, aren’t you?? You know every thing. Absorbed by what?? I have no idea why the sky is here and stars and the black hole. I think I have passed beyond the event horizon now. I’m fading.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Um no I’m not 😂 I just tend to memorize a lot and ask a lot 😂 Credit to my phy teacher.
        Absorbed by whatever object. Say you’re infront of a mirror and the light rays that allows you to see your reflection…some of them are absorbed rather than reflected. I read somewhere that some of the sky is black and theres distance between the stars is because the universe is still in construction and is still finite. I don’t know if it’s factual though. Ofc you’re fading you’re too old 🙂

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  6. Those answers… 😂😂 I’m literally laughing so loud in the middle of the night… Gosh.. Good that everyone home is fast asleep… Oh wait.. I forgot about the neighbours!
    You do have a nice name!
    Hope your neighbour doesn’t read it.😂

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  7. Lol I hit some weird key in the middle of that and my keyboard switched to azerty instead of querty. Now I forgot what else I was going to say. 😂😂

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            1. Well thank you for pointing it out. The funny thing is as soon as you said it I remembered that I’d had to learn that (via searching around in preferences), in order to undo what I had done, then promptly forgot it again… but your saying it here is cementing it in my memory (at least I hope lol). So yay! 😂🎉

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  8. I’m sorry but you had me at “I’m fuckin’ bored lookin’ at this wretched image again and again.” Bahahahahaha!!!! This is one of the best award posts I have seen… always love your irreverence. 😂😂👌 I wrote q

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      1. Aw I LOVE this non-nomination. 😃🥰🙏😆 But it’s complicated… short answer is, basically I’ve had a bunch of awards I haven’t posted about, each of which I am in fact very grateful for… and I worry about offending all those kind folks if I suddenly start now. I’ll leave the fun to you young’uns who can handle it lol. 😅👵😂😂 Much more fun to read these than to write. ;)) So thank you, and well done Bharath. 😉🤓🎉🙌🙏🕺👏

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