We’re stories. You, me, him, her; we all are and the best part is not knowing what’s true.

So tell me, who are you?

145 thoughts on “Us.

      1. I had to break heart quite a few times.
        Can’t help wali situation thi!

        No I am not taking away the light, that’s probably the thing that irritates you, let me do that, and yes I am just having my breakfast, it’s Maggi, your favorite 😂

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            1. Ok let me try to sum it up and be as cryptic as possible too 😂.
              Sometimes I wish to lay in dark, where I am not visible and no one else is visible to me.
              Sometimes I feel out of place even if its the only place I know
              Sometimes I wish I was an octopus so I could slap 8 people at once
              Other times I am like sunshine, and everything around me is as radiant as me.

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  1. And those lines are actually deep! Whatever happens, we all have a different perspective, a different story behind the happening, never knowing what’s the truth. Truth in itself, is not well defined. Every statement may be a lie, or all of them may be a truth, in some form.
    We all are indeed stories, with uncountable memories and experiences, feelings and lessons, all weaved into an integrated whole, never knowing what the ultimate truth or purpose is.

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    1. Bingo. That’s it.
      It all depends on what you’ve heard, seen and perceived. There’s never a single absolute truth to anything. What you hear about a person and what they actually are has nothing in common.
      Even history is a fiction written by victors.

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  2. As a person, I am one who prefers putting on a smile all the time, just because if you don’t, then it’s hard to explain why you are sad.
    As a story, maybe I’m a fictional reality, or rather realistic fiction.

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