Scars – collaboration

Tisha and I wanted to write on “scars” but I was clueless as ever. This is what I finally came up with:

Underneath my skin are tissues and blood; they know your touch. My senses have recognised you long before you laid your hands on me; like on a quest for holy grail, you searched the corners of my body leaving a trail of untamed memories behind.

I cover myself in courage as tears of separation roll down my cheeks. A sudden surge of jarring emotions collide with my pragmatic heart, a striking contradiction and I’m at war; with myself. I hide the scars within. How do you recognise something you don’t see? My fingers follow the map on my body, drawn by your fingernails, a mark of remembrance; a tale long lost.

These walls know that I sing, the floor knows that I weep and water knows how to console. Whiskey has numbed the pain down and further I drown.

Here’s part two. (Tisha’s)

118 thoughts on “Scars – collaboration”

  1. Someone is writing about pain openly. Thanks to Tisha!

    Wow Bharath this one is again one of the most beautiful pieces created by you. Especially the last paragraph, reading it took me to a whole different world. It’s so powerful and so poignant.
    And the question how do you recognize what you don’t see? It hits the cord of my heart, it’s so very beautiful! I am sure a lot of people will relate to what you’ve written.

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      1. Aaj na Mai bhut late uthi, 11:30. Fir WordPress ke sare blogs pade, sabpe comment Kiya and last me I came to comment on your blog. Thoda jyada late ho gya. But I read yours and Anushka’s blog at night only, comment ab Kiya.

        But I absolutely related and I also liked Tisha’s response to it. The way she concluded the same is commandable.
        Great collaboration yaa!

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          1. Nhi it’s not just you. It’s Anushka, and 2 others.
            Mere favorite wale last me..

            Acha I’ll tell you why?

            Because at other’s blog I comment and it’s done and on my favorite bloggers blog we have a conversation. Toh time lagta h samje aap?

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            1. Haha, true bhut time ho gya. Kal last baat ki thi na😅
              I am all good. Pata h aaj Kya hua?

              I was just about to record my lecture, that I received a msg from school that tomorrow is a holiday.
              So now I am free from uploading for 3 days. Isn’t it amazing?

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            2. Baba Ramdev patanjali wale nhi🙆

              And even if he dies there won’t be holiday.
              You’ve heard about this place called Ramdevra? A lot of pilgrims go there every year, it’s his shrine there.
              He is a God people believe.

              Yes Mai audio and PDF bhejti hu, no video lectures.

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            3. Ohh God.. Even I was confused. I thought its the yoga teacher, Baba Ramdev, the one who launched Patanjali… I don’t know if that was silly or funny, but I did have a good laugh.😂

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            4. Haha, it’s okay if you didn’t know about it. At least it made you laugh for a while.

              Anyways I’ll tell you, Sindhis especially consider Baba Ramdev as their God. So every year a lot of people pay a visit to Ramdevra.

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            5. How do you even know that Bharath!

              I am so impressed right this moment from this comment!
              Only you could have thought that!

              Okay now I am up for it. I’ll write, I’ll try it tonight only.

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            6. Okay lemme try.
              Imagine you’re walking in an empty street, you’re searching for something that you always had but have no memory of it now.
              You come across a cemetery and venture into it, find tombstones with names on them.
              They’re your emotions buried six feet under.


            7. You tried it really well..

              Now just give me some time..
              I’ll try coming up with it.
              I just don’t want my emotions to pop when I write.
              I’ve left them somewhere and I don’t wanna cross that path.
              I gotta walk on eggshells while writing this, I gotta be very cautious.

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    1. Yeah it’s relatable! And it’s actually so powerful as you said. That line “how do you recognise what you don’t see” it can well imply that we can’t understand the other person’s pain because we don’t know what they went through.

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      1. But at the same time people may have a perspective of thinking it in a way that how do our loved ones see what’s going on inside without we telling them anything about it.
        It’s a matter of perspective.
        I absolutely agree to what you too said. How can we judge people without knowing their story.

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  2. This is just on another level! And the last para, it resembles the emotional masquerade. The floor knows you weep, the walls know you sing, the others don’t, because you don’t do it in front of them. The walls know the weak me, others don’t.

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