Lost Hope

A spark of emptiness instigates fire in the forest. I feel the heat on my skin; there are voices, screaming and crying but nobody to be seen. I see footprints in the ashes and my trail, covered in flames. I move on.

Following a highway on which I now walk naked, overexposed and shamed; Oh, how they stared! I’m dressed in scars invisible to naked eye; they keep me warm no matter how cold the night. I see buildings. Vivid, made of glass, devoid of life and people around.

I turn back, walk to the forest, back into those ashes; away from the civics, far from those eyes, to be forgotten, in search of life.

A land torn down, reduced to heap, of ashes and despair and the once blazing fire, now a kindle, awaited my presence. I turned around to the sound of fluvial; once a gushing stream full of life and colour now a monochrome of blood red.

Everything dampened but my search for life still afresh. A question gnaws and nibbles from within “Will I ever find the life I look for or die on a futile quest?”

On my last glance, I found a poor lone seed: all alone in this selfish world, just like me! I plant that seed in a corner, where life still had a hope and there came the clouds, raining down below.

I smiled at the sprouting seed. Within a period, it was a full blown tree and the habitat grew. What was once a cinder, is now a land fertile. Birds sang, animals thrived and trees giving life to what survived.

I now knew, “My hunt was futile, all I needed was to look inside.”

In collaboration with Nawazish.

41 thoughts on “Lost Hope

  1. I wish you were the one writing the last paragraphs where there was hope.

    Do you see a lesson here, you little obstinate kid? See how he said all I needed was to look inside.
    Plant a seed and see there will be rains someday soon if not instantly.

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  2. Bharathhhhhhh!!!!!!

    This is amazing. If I’m not wrong the upper paragraphs are yours and the second half is of Nawazish?!

    Incredible you both are and extraordinary this post this✨

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      1. I planted a seed, the harsh sole of a sapien, brought the fragile sprout flat back on the ground.. a voice unheard, broken, it died a painful death …
        This would be my expectation of your kinda end .. and so my guess.

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