She sat facing the window.

The door’s locked tight, so were windows; Light barely crept in. Her body grew defiant and feeble with each passing day; decay has set in.

She waited for rain.

118 thoughts on “Waiting.

  1. Maybe she doesn’t want the light so she has closed the windows and the doors.
    Or is it that she tried to open them but failed..
    Or maybe she already knows that it isn’t gonna rain.
    She wishes for rain knowing that it isn’t gonna rain..!?
    How is she doing now? And you?

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            1. That’s the beauty of it.
              You’re giving that girl a life by opening the windows for her.
              Bharath is writing about hope. It would be new to your audience.

              Think about it. What you’ve written today is 3 line only, response can be even small.

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  2. Waiting for rain can also be symbolic of waiting for tears to flow, indicating that you are still alive. Often we become so numb due to several reasons, that we can’t feel our own emotions and sit blank longing for a cause to be alive, our reflexes decay, and we want a sign, even the tears would do, to show that we do actually have a life.

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  3. I have read it multiple times but I am still confused about the awaiting for rain part. It could also mean she is waiting for death(rains can also symbolize death) or she wants to improve?

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