“It’s gonna be okay”

I tell myself as I get dressed; almost ready for work. There’s breakfast on the table; not my favourite but it has to be eaten. Breakfast is the least complex thing to start with in the morning but it somehow stirs discomfort in my half empty stomach. Every step I take kills my appetite little by little. I swallow spoonfuls of curd rice, simultaneously tying my shoelaces.

“You’ve seen worse”

Says the mind and my heart disagrees. Trivialities outclass even momentous complications when you’re unwilling to act on something that’s inevitable. I grab the keys, start my scooter and am off to work.

“We’re getting closer”

Cries my heart when I’m halfway to work. It’s not that I dislike what I do but it’s not knowing what I want that gnaws at me. What we dream of and what we become are seldom the same. I start singing out loud in panic, trying to calm the storm raging inside.

“Here we go”

109 thoughts on “Routine.

      1. 😂Activa? Oh we share a history.. Activa and I !!
        I secretly took my mother’s Activa and fell down! Oh god! That was ultra embarrassing!😂🤣
        I like curd rice but I try to eat dosa and idli for breakfast! Paired with sambar
        You know what that is?😃

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          1. No my legs didn’t grew long then
            I didn’t get the grip
            And couldn’t keep my feet on the ground
            And Dhoom!🤣
            But I clearly remember that I fell down with my eyes closed though!😅

            Curd rice is 🤩🤩
            And plain dosa is regular..
            You can make variety of dosas
            You wouldn’t get tired of it

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      1. Exactly! done! Past!
        If I had left footprints, ( fame or money) that last atleast a few years, then it’s worthwhile .. if a few monsoons can erase the prints … you are always back to square one!
        One thing gets added; experience ☺️ but the void within is definitely there ..

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          1. My job – I quit to be full time mom and then do something n be my own boss … it was worth it!!! .. now my kids don’t need me anymore … so donno what next

            my business- covid 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️if not , it was good enough .. looks impossible for now to pick it back up .. 🤞🤞

            But what one wants from life is very deeeeeeep .. it’s easy to get comfortable in the rut we are in!

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            1. I think everywhere .. Paying bills, trains, flights if you have a senior citizen card, you go first.. no queues .. trains and buses and medical stores give discounts ..

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